Use A Mouse + Keyboard On Your Xbox One

The latest XIM peripheral - a line which has long allowed console gamers to use PC accessories - is now out, and for the first time includes the Xbox One.

The XIM4 won't be out until well into next year, but it's already being teased, shown here running Call of Duty: Ghosts on an Xbox One using a PC's keyboard and mouse. You'll also see something cool: instead of having to hook the peripheral up to a PC to configure it, there's now a phone app that lets you adjust settings on the fly.

XIM's creator says that while efforts are being made to include the PS4, Sony's console "does not offer any form [of] wired connectivity to Dualshock 4 controllers", which makes this a challenge. So for now, an upcoming beta is Xbox One only.

In addition to support for Microsoft's next-gen machine, the XIM4 will also include legacy support for older consoles.

If you're wondering how well it works - or how well it works - the video above goes into a lot of detail, showing off the tech both as hardware and how it performs in a game.

OBsIV's XIM Development Blog [XIM, via Engadget]


    That's an interesting flip. PS3 controllers became wired when plugged in while 360 wireless were always wireless.

    I'm a big fan of XIM (I own and use the XIM3), but CronusMax ( is already out and does pretty much what XIM4 is supposed to be able to do.

    Last edited 27/12/13 12:40 pm

      Correct until games like Titanfall come out that will not be on 360, then you will not get the xim programme side of things (can't remember what he calls it)
      I have done the same buying cronus but only as a temp fix

    This looks like so much fun. But I'd need them to get this working for PS4 first. Being able to play ghosts on PS4 with keyboard and mouse would be fantastic.

    I can already hear the CoD fanboys screaming about KB/Mouse hacks every time they die

      Not a fanboy, but isn't this considered as modified controllers? I'm horrible at BF4 with a controller, but brilliant with a mouse and keyboard. It seems that it takes the skill of learning a new way to play away when you use PC controls on a console.

      But please, by all means, destroy the CoD fanboys for us both...I don't play CoD because of them.

    I can't wait till I can use a keyboard and mouse with my PC!!

    Cannot compete with PC gamers.

    Buys this piece of crap to 'pwn console n00bs' online.

    Kids themselves they're actually decent gamers.

    Rest of the community laughs at them.

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