Wind Waker: The Musical Is Insanely Catchy

Actually, Ganon being lactose intolerant would explain all the world-conquering rage. Life without cheese must be hard.

As you might have guessed, indeed it's Random Encounters that is back once more with a lovely performance, this time based on Wind Waker. It's pretty much par for the course as far as Random Encounters vids go — it's fun, catchy, and filled to the brim with references. Definitely give it a listen.

"Legends of Zelda" — Tales of the Wind Waker [Random Encounters@YouTube]


    I couldn't make it all the way through, they could not sound less enthusiastic!

    I enjoyed that, though there did seem something a little off about it. Couldn't quite say what exactly - the choreography, the expressions or maybe just the sound recording?

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