Would Batman Win An MMA Fight Against Spider-Man?

It's not likely. I mean, not just that such a thing would never happen on straight legal grounds, but also because Peter Parker would simply whup him silly.

Admittedly, this isn't a legitimately sanctioned bout, because the legal complexities between Disney and Warner Brothers would take a whole army of lawyers to unravel. It's also nowhere near as gruesome as yesterday's UFC bout between Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman, if you watched that.

My inner comics nerd wants to shout that, even banning web shooters or utility belts, it's still a horribly mismatched bout, though. I mean, Peter Parker has the proportionate strength of a spider, scaled up, which means he's logically hundreds of times stronger than Bruce Wayne. Even with help from Dick Grayson, he's still going down.

Batman and Robin vs Spider-Man - Full MMA Fight [YouTube via Topless Robot]


    Spider-Man versus Batman sans-gadgets? It'd be an interesting fight. No web shooters, batarangs etc. I honestly couldn't call it. Spider-Man's agility would be a boon for him, but if Batman got in close I reckon it'd all be over.

      Up close wouldn't really help. Spidey has his spider-sense and is significantly faster and stronger than Batman. Despite both being of "genius" level intellect, Spider-Man would steal beat out Bruce there.

      Then there is the fact that Spidey, without posting spoilers, is a little unhinged at the moment.


      I'd say even with the gadgets, Bats would still lose this one.

    Spider-Man would easily win if it were purely hand to hand.

    Many people don't realise Spider-Man has super strength and a regenerative healing factor (albeit slower than James Howlett's) along with his agility and spider-sense. It'd be no contest.

      Yeah? YEAH? Well... my Dad can beat your Dad!!!!

        Yeah well MY dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottee's to make the cordial that I like best.

          Yeah well MY dad makes the fruit trees that your dad picks the fruit from...

    Hmm. Spidey can lift 10 tonnes.

    This match-up only makes sense if batman is given prep and gadgets in a much larger battleground.

    Batman can pull of amazing feats, but locked in a cage with Spider-man, without his bag-of-tricks? They'd be cleaning up guano all week.

    Spidey would definitely wreck a gadgetless Batman.

    If Spider-Man gets to keep his spidey sense and web slingers, then Batman gets to keep his utility belt and gadgets.

      Spider-Sense isn't a gadget, it's part of his power-set, it'd be like removing Matt Murdock's radar sense.

        That begs the question of how far can you remove gadgets and powers for spiderman/batman/whoever to stop being spiderman/batman/whoever...

          I think most Batman fans will agree that his gadgets don't make him Batman. Scoop out his brain and put it in a jar and it'd still be Batman.

          Personally I think this is one of the rare occasions I'd side with Batman in a hero vs hero fight. On paper Spider-man would, like pretty much every DC/Marvel hero, snap Batman like a twig before he can react. However Spider-man is one of the most insecure heroes out there (well, Peter Parker is). Batman would exploit the fact that if you take his mask off Spider-man is just some teenager who lets himself get pushed around by literally everyone he knows.
          Most heroes would be smart enough to use their powers to finish the fight instantly but Spider-man is compulsive about his banter. He'd be hitting Batman and showboating which would give Batman the window he needs to take him out. His weaknesses almost line up to Batman's strengths perfectly.

            That would depend on if we are talking about The Amazing Spider-Man or The Superior Spider-Man.

            I agree that you are correct in relation to Amazing, depending on his mindset (He could definitely resist doing those things during and after the Civil War arc), however from what I've read those aren't things that hinder Superior.

            Too pedantic? :P

            Last edited 30/12/13 6:00 pm

              I'll stick with Amazing. If you start getting too far from the core characters suddenly you've got to factor in all the bat shit crazy Batman incarnations that would show up to a friendly MMA charity match in a mind-swapped Hulk body with ten Red Lantern rings and a symbiot suit. =P

              I'm assuming they are pairing up New 52 Batman against Superior Spider-Man which is like asking who wins between an orange and a blender.

                Clearly the orange. The orange would totally mess up the blender :P

    Spidey would stomp the daylights out of Batman. He is faster, more agile, and also incredibly strong. Its really no contest.

    Spiderman is a legitimate Super-Hero, batman is a rich crazy dude in a cape with Mommy/Daddy issues for which he should seek professional help.

    Lol. I love how everyone is literally disregarding the video and just assessing on merits lol.

    As for the video - was clear that batman and robin were both completely untrained, whereas spiderman was probably an mma or kickboxer by the look of it. Same with the riddler at the end, was a nice double leg takedown :) Interested to know where this was, naturally would have said russia if not for the commentary haha.

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