Steam Developer Days Conference Attendees Learn About Virtual Reality

Seems Valve collaborated with Oculus on some of the new Crystal Cove headset's tracking, while it's also hoped that consumer-level VR headsets will be available within two years. There was also a VR demo from Valve that was meant to be the bees knees... can't wait to see some video of it.


    It seems odd that Valve are collaborating with Oculus, given that they'll be in competition with each other. Of course, if Valve have an intention to buy Oculus, then it's a moot point.
    But it's odd nonetheless, given that what little info there is seems to indicate that Valve's hardware is superior. They've certainly got more money to throw at R&D, and new gaming tech seems to be Valve's thing at the moment.

      who says being in competition is a bad thing?

      Iv seen plenty of big tech companies come together to make cool projects like this, which i reckon drives their motivation to use what they've learnt to develop their own cool gear which mean us the peeps with the coin, get to benefit from developers going to that next level just to be on top!

      hell, im very intrigued to see where this VR project goes!

        Me too. Having never used competant VR, anything which drives the tech forward is undeniably a good thing, and I'm excited to see what comes of it. But given that two years down the track there'll be two competing devices on the market, it strikes me as odd (obviously) that Valve would potentially give the edge to a competitor. It's business, after all, and I can't help but think that Valve could get there on their own.

    I was there and Valve clearly stated that they weren't bringing their own hardware to market.
    There was a slide that said something like "Who would ship this?" and they had Oculus VR listed as 'the obvious candidate', so the message was they were working with Oculus but that if that didn't work out that they could potentially work with someone else.
    So not in competition really, more helping oculus bring something to Market that would favour the Steam-machines.

    Pumped for a consumer release for this. Pumped hard.

    Where have Valve said they are working on their own VR with the idea of a consumers release.
    I've only ever heard them researching into the area to shed light on the whole idea and have been working close with people at occulus.

    I'm not saying they haven't, just I've not heard about it and that it contradicts what I have heard and read on what they have done in the area so far. Much like the SteamBox.

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