Expect A Remake Of Midwinter, The Snow-Covered, Post-Apocalyptic Classic, By 2015

My fondest memories of Midwinter on the Amiga are actually my most painful. If I wasn't constantly losing the fight to save the island, I was getting injured skiing. Or crashing my snow mobile. Or getting shot. Yet, despite the absurd difficulty, it was seven degrees of awesome. I'm hoping Chilli Hugger's remake is even better.

Announced a few days ago, the remake has a planned release for "early 2015", with a Kickstarter campaign on the cards in the near future. While the original designer, Mike Singleton, sadly passed away two years ago, the game's programmer, Dave Gautrey, has taken the role as technical lead on the remake and will be "using the original game code and design documents" to make sure the project sticks to the spirit of 1989 classic.

Chilli Hugger CEO Chris Wild, responsible for bringing Singleton's The Lords Of Midnight to iOS, will be managing development. According to Wild, the remake won't be a modern recreation, but an opportunity to "fully realise Mike’s ambitious design without the limitations of 16-bit hardware".

To the right is a shot from Chilli Hugger comparing the original game with the new one. I can't wait to see more.

Press Release [The Midwinter Report, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    hell yeh, i think i used to love this game.. this was the one that also had hang gliders?

    Anyone else expecting an AT-AT to wander into that screenshot there?

    Bah, the Amiga version looks way better and that's TOTALLY not nostalgia talking!

    I loved this game back in the day. I'd back this in a heartbeat.

    Never got to play Midwinter - I was young and had limited gaming options - but I remember so many rave reviews and walkthroughs in gaming mags that made me want to play it. Guess I'll get that chance.

    Amazing how this kind of game has never been created since... So tactical, and I even enjoyed the hours of skiing about between waypoints and ambush sites! We'll done, you kings of Amiga, you'll be getting a few bucks out of me.

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