Need A New Wallpaper? Here's 575 To Choose From.

I need a new wallpaper. At the moment I'm still rocking the 'blue screen of default' on my work computer, so it might be time to shake things up a bit. If you feel the same you might want to check out this link: it's 575 wallpapers, most of which are video game themed, all of which are pretty awesome. All in 1080p, all without watermarks.

I'm going through them all now. Some are absolutely stellar. I've picked a couple of my own favourites below.

But I haven't even gone through them all yet. There are hundreds of them...

Via Reddit


    I put together a similar collection a while ago.

    There's a download link for a zip of them all in the comments.

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    Hmm, I wonder how many are in 2560*1440...

      18. Then 47 more @ 2560x1600.


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        I just checked the folder I downloaded them all to yesterday, and there's 87 that are larger than 2560*1440.

        cc: @dangit

    It'd be nice if they had captions as to what game/movie/book/reference they are

    Where is 1440p love?

      I asked the same thing, turns out there's 87 of them higher than 2560*1440, thought a lot will require cropping/resizing to fit 16:9 perfectly.

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    Heh, they definitely aren't all 1080p. Only 254 are. ~190 are higher.

    When I right-click the picture, "Set as desktop background" wasn't an option. So I went to one of the little preview pictures at the bottom, and I was able to set it to be the background. However... the background isn't exactly 1080p. It's like 77p. The pixels are 3cm x 2cm. It looks like it was taken by the gameboy camera. Is there a way for me to set the 1080p version as my desktop picture?
    If I could find a way to screenshot this travesty, I would.

      Had to upvote you for the gameboy camera reference, to see the larger image you can right click on the thumbnails, and click "Open link in new tab". Then open up that tab and you should be able to see the full image. Then you are able to save it and right click "Set as desktop background". Hope that helps! :)

        Hah, I remember when I first got the game boy camera. It took pictures of EVERYTHING. I just went through all of them, and I can confidently state that I have no clue what any of them are supposed to be.


      There's a gear icon in the top right corner of each image. Click that and choose 'View original image', and it'll give you an image you can right-click on and set as wallpaper.



    Not sure if this website works or not (I'll soon see), but here is the album in zip form (from

    i think i might stick with this one for now

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