People Are Getting High On An Actual Drug Called "Nintendo"

People Are Getting High On An Actual Drug Called

That headline isn't a euphemism — people are actually getting high on an actual drug called "Nintendo." A potent club drug bearing the name and logo of the famed Japanese video game company has been spotted by drug watchdogs in Belgium. It sounds like it'll get you high as fuck, too.

The drug contains a large dose of MDMA, better known as Ecstasy. It's been catalogued in a new entry from the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs, alongside a few similar drugs named for other knock-off brands: Mitsubishi, Superman, Li-Ion and Butterfly. Well, "Butterfly" isn't a brand, it's a pretty insect. Anyway.

People Are Getting High On An Actual Drug Called

My own experience with the world of drug manufacture and branding is mostly limited to regular rewatches of The Wire, but even I get the sense that this sort of brand piggybacking is common for drug dealers looking for memorable names for their product. Seeing as how the world of drugs isn't really governed by the rules of trademark and brand ownership, it makes sense that drug-makers would just lift an already-known brand. What's Nintendo going to do, sue them?

At Pillreports back in August of 2013, one guy recounted his experience with half a pill of Nintendo. Two hours in, things got more exciting than a heated Mario Kart match:

12pm - both rolling hard, i'm guessing because it's our first time its real strong for us, we're rolling everywhere, staring at my lampshade and laughing for ages, saying how pretty the walls and lights are! But my friend seems to be much higher than me so i drop the other half

1am - from this point on everything is a bit of a blur, the other half kicked in hard and i felt on top of the world, we were both so euphoric and empathetic we spent one second dancing and the next minute cuddling saying we loved each other (we're both straight, known each other since we were 10)but it just felt so right at the time HAHA

Whatever video game system they want to name it after, that sure sounds like drugs to me! And I know, I know, drug abuse can be serious business. It's not a laughing matter. But there are so many great Nintendo jokes that have yet to be made about this...

[Source: 4gamers via NeoGAF]

Top image via Shutterstock, second image via Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs


    ah I see that Nintendo are finally branching out, good to see

      I would have thought the drug would at least me some type of mushroom, and after three you would be invisible.

    Nothing new here. I got high on 'Pikachus', 'Marios', 'Bubble Bobbles', and many more Es with a galaxy of brand names stamped on them in the dim past. For the record, I didn't intend anything illegal, and thought all of the above were bootleg breath mints.

    They finally took our advice!! Next-gen here we come!

    There were Nintendo's (the exstacy version) doing the rounds in Melbourne (Australia) clubs about 6-12 months ago.

    "... so euphoric and empathetic we spent one second dancing and the next minute cuddling saying we loved each other..."

    Same thing happens to me when I play SNES.

    Anyone see that episode of John Safran's Music Jamboree where he trolls Steve Price with the 3AW pills? Genius.

    I also get high on a drug called nintendo... 3DS XL.


    Wow, actually had one of these when I went to Europe. Incredibly strong stuff!
    1/4 of it would be enough for a lot of people

    So this is how they came up with the name Wii and Wii-U! Just give Miyamoto some Ninty and he'll create us some crazy shit new IP!

      He already did .. It's called Pikmin.

    finally, a Nintendo product i will buy!

    So, when can I expect the knock at the door from two Japanese guys driving a smart car and saying "We would like to play."?

    Last edited 24/01/14 7:04 pm

    Is this article like over 15years old, these were around when I was a teenager.

    oh and for the record Li-Ion isn't a brand either.

    It's the euphoria when you buy a Wii and/or a Wii-U and then experience the massive come down (and down, and down, and down) when you realise you really just wasted your money.

    MDMA, Huh, I remember that.

    I wanna move to europe.

    I'll stick to good old fashion booze.

    Misleading headline. The 'actual drug' is just an eckie with a Nintendo stamp.

      Was gonna post the same. It's not an "actual drug" called Nintendo. Ecstasy has been "branded" in every way imaginable.

      Worst thing is, for anyone considering buying a pill of "ecstasy" in Australia, you should know that the word itself (ecstasy, E, XTC, and so on) has become an umbrella term for 'random crap in a pill with little to no MDMA in it'. Long, long gone are the days where ecstasy was synonymous with MDMA. "Ecstasy" may as well now be called "dangerous mystery misadventure concoction".

      If you must take one, use a reagent test on it first. Better yet, steer clear of street drugs and spend the money on a console (not necessarily a Nintendo).

        Too right. Market got saturated with cheap, local made crap.

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