The Mesmerising Birth Of A Snack Classic

The Mesmerising Birth Of A Snack Classic

I cannot stop watching this. Can you guess what is?

It’s not Pop-Tarts, as Redditor BigMurph26 suggests. Nor is it Uncrustables, as put forth by commenters in the Reddit thread — there’s no peanut butter in these.

Do you hear that? That’s the sounds of criminals all over the world dropping what they were doing, turning, and salivating as one. What filled snack could possibly hold such power?

This is how Hostess Fruit Pies are made. That’s golden flaky crust. That delicious fruit filling. It’s crime-stopping prowess, as witnessed in the ancient comic books of our people. It’s magical.

Check out more behind-the-scenes birthings of Hostess products here.


    • Use to eat them all the time as a kid for breakfast (the apple and cinnamon ones were my fav) but hadn’t found them since…

      Until I came across Tom’s Confectionary Warehouse in Brisbane which as a biggish range of them there. However I’m pretty sure most Confectionary Boutiques in each of Aus’s Capital’s CBD have them.

      Hope it helps!

  • Wow, shitty Yankee food. I lived there for 3 years and I learned really quickly to avoid that shit. How people can eat those plastic-tasting synthetic sugar bombs is beyond comprehension. Even my kids rejected that stuff. I guess it’s like Vegemite, it’s almost impossible to get a taste for it unless you had it fed to you from a young age.

  • I have to agree on the ‘US junk food’ point. When I was over there I was curious to try stuff like this, but… It’s just not good! Hershey’s chocolate was so bad. How can you even CALL it chocolate if there isn’t a glass and a half of milk in every block?


    • The weird thing about Hershies is it has an after taste like Parmesan cheese. So yuck.

      But not to be too negative, yanks do great ice cream, buffalo sauce and hot sauce in general. It’s not all disgusting

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