The New Donkey Kong Country Sure Looks Delightful

The folks at Retro Studios might not yet be making the Metroid game everyone wants them to make, but their next release sure looks great.

This new batch of videos from the folks at GameXplain shows off some of the new levels, easter eggs, and characters — Rambi! — from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which is out on February 21 for Wii U. Hard to believe this is the first HD Donkey Kong Country game, but yep. Looks like it's fitting into the role well.


    It's a great time to be a fan of 2d platformers, that's for sure.

      Yeah with Rayman, Mario, DK etc my Wii U is starting to get a workout.

    Doesn't look all that different to the SNES version really.

      That's pretty much what's great about it!

        Nothing will beat the SNES version. The characters and feel of the game on the SNES shat all over the last DK on the wii. No K.Rool sucks, but i know its out of Ninty control.

        Grpahics only look a little better than the SNES anyway
        /end troll


    Glad there's someone else out there that agrees. The feel of the SNES games rape the feel of the new ones. Also I absolutely can not believe you had to shake the wii remote to roll.

    Graphics for this new game are LITERALLY the Wii game but in 720p or 1080p (still not sure which one it's gonna be. Quite pathetic I think.

    Looks like a must have for the Wii U. I know I'll be getting it.

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