The Next Minecraft LEGO Sets Are Going To Be So Good, You Guys

At MineCon last month, LEGO announced the Minecraft LEGO Co-build Project, in which toy designers and fans of the game work together to build the best video game-themed LEGO sets ever. Looks like all the pieces are falling into place in this holiday update.

The first LEGO Minecraft sets were micro scale, which is lovely but not-at-all compatible with my massive collection of minifigs. These new sets are minifig scale, meaning I can invite the girl with the pink stripe in her hair from the upcoming LEGO movie into my shelter so she can protect me from the other Creepers.


    Sounds good, but if they are priced anything like the current sets then I'll pass.

    $80 AUD for a tiny micro scale kit is just not worth it.

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