Piecing Together LEGO Minecraft

Piecing Together LEGO Minecraft

After months of waiting and watching other people have all the fun, the official LEGO Minecraft Micro World has made it into my giant fumbling hands. Let's put it together!

Currently on backorder at exclusive online retailer Jinx, the Minecraft Micro World is $US34.99 of tiny joy and eye strain.

I assembled the set in about three hours, from midnight to around 3AM this morning, mainly due to bad planning and noisy children. All went well, save for using a tiny dark grey piece where I should have used a tiny black piece, resulting in a tiny inconsistency that I probably shouldn't have even mentioned, especially in such a lengthy sentence.

Oh well.


    OMG this will keep my son busy for HOURS!! Must buy asap as he is a complete minecraftaholic!

    Excuse me? There is a block seperator?!? My life is now complete, where to get it is my wonder.

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