The Perfect Steam Controller Can "Lick Itself Clean Like A Cat"

The Perfect Steam Controller Can

There's a big developer's conference going on at Valve right now. No press invited, though, which means any and all news is being smuggled out via Twitter. Or scrawled down on paper. Or both.

The actual finished controller can only be a let-down after this. I mean, it's nice the DualShock 4 has tiny Italian art inside, but the bones of an actual saint are pretty hard to top.

The Perfect Steam Controller Can


    What? The words in this article make no sense, not even a little bit. Anyone know whats happening? I cant even zoom in on their photos on my phone bexause i guess tgey dont allow zooming? Is it me or the article is crap?

      Typical Plunkett article. Basically, someone drew a 'dream' controller full of impossible stuff.

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