Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Sub-Boss Battle Music Is Hilariously Over The Top

The sub-boss battle music from Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is some of the most hilariously over-the-top JRPG battle music I've ever heard. From 1:50 to the loop-around, it's... it's like composer Revo built a giant robot out of DragonForce members, gave it a Red Bull and told it to perform three lead guitar parts at once. (Not complaining.)


    Didn't find it particularly hilarious or over-the-top. Not once during the game did I ever think anything besides that it was great music and just right for the intensity of the fights (especially since even normal encounters could be somewhat difficult, anything above that required some strategy and thought).

      Agree. It's standard Jrpg (and other genre) music. Hilarious ? Over the top ? Not even.

      Agreed, there is nothing over the top about it, it fits perfectly..

    Very 'Golden Sun'

    And yet this "sub" boss theme is heard more than the monster boss theme...

    Agreed. Not hilarious at all. Not over the top either. Reminds me a fair bit of track 4 of the Xenoblade Soundtrack disc.

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    God dammit... I'm going to have to get a second job while at uni and paying for rent to buy this game now. I keep saying I'll get it and want the hell out of it, but first I just need to get me a 3DS.

    What are people's experiences with used 3DSs?

      you can pick up incredibly cheap 3DS' brand new (standard not XL) at Dick Smith/Big W/Kmart often (before christmast last year I saw new ones in the box for sub $200, they were clearing stock from what I could tell). Alternatively you can look at getting a 2DS.

      Definitely get a 3dsXL if possible, the bigger screen is worth it.

        Yep, I definitely want mine to be XL if I can help it. :)

      I find the 2DS to be better than the 3DS because it's cheaper and I don't need the 3D anyway

    The first time I heard this I was imagining the recording and how damn tired that violinist must have been after this haha

      Well there was a concert that let's you see how energetic they all are. Battle Medley:

        Thanks @nestama -,%2Ba%2Blegend.jpg

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