This Zelda Skulltula Is Bloody Terrifying

"I just wanted to paint something scary as shit," claimed the artist Nate Hallinan. Well, um. Congratulations Nate. You've succeeded, because I am currently bricking it.

Nate Hallinan once worked as a Senior Concept Artist at Microsoft Games, but now he's freelance and busy drawing amazing art based on Zelda games. There is, of course, the above Skulltula, but my favourite might be his hyper realistic version of a Goron.

He also drew some Dekus...

I love the art direction of most Zelda games — and I don't even mind them going in a lighter, breezier direction — but, man. How cool would a Zelda game with that level of detail be?

Check out more of Nate's work here or at his homepage.


    HOLY CRAP! :O NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But only because I'm arachnaphobic and that scares the shit out of me lol

    thats pretty awesome! looks just like a photo!

    I won't be opening this one anywhere near the wife - she'd stab the screen in fright.

    that Skulltula is the best image there... really doesn't look like a drawing. that's amazing!

    Whoa. That Skulltula is fucking amazing! The Goron is awesome too. He should draw Ganon in all his swiney glory.

    The Skulltula would make an awesome back piece

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