Video Asks: What Makes Star Fox So Brilliant?

Video Asks: What Makes Star Fox So Brilliant?

It's all about adventure — specifically, about a game's ability to put players in an adventure, making them feel like they're influencing a whole fictional world with their actions. Which is something that wasn't particularly common in shoot-em-ups from the early '90s.

In his newest video, Really Freakin' Clever argues that Star Fox for the SNES achieves this sense of adventure with excellent level design, and by making the player actually feel something by telling its story through its gameplay. Take a look:

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Star Fox [Really Freakin' Clever@YouTube]


    Well at least he didn't make a lame "Barrel Roll" line. Even if the manuever you perform is actually an Aileron Roll.

      Was about to be all: "Answer: Barrel Rolls", until I read your comment, and now I feel a little dumb.

      Well, Peppy calls it a barrel roll in Lylat Wars... but you are correct =)

        I know that, and the way he said it went on to become an internet meme and people refuse to let it go because... they'll... um...


        ...feel like an outsider?

          Luckily that meme is seemingly borne out of nostalgia, which gives it some merit.

            Yeah, but that means it won't die anytime soon. Unlike most new memes created today that only last a month or so before getting replaced by a new one and leaving me hating humanity even more.

            Anybody remember Rebeccah Black?

              Considering that I have a memory, yes. Yes I do remember her. She seemed quite excited about the approaching weekend, if I'm not mistaken. She seemed less of a meme, and more of a laughingstock however, but the fact that I'm even having this discussion means I need another beer.

      Since ailerons don't work in a vacuum I think it's forgivable...

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