Watch, Listen And See The Apollo 13 Disaster Unfold In Real Time

Well this is amazing. The Apollo 13 mission is now infamous, not just for the fact that the mission was aborted, but for the incredible efforts of NASA and the men aboard the shuttle in incredible, life threatening circumstances. The above video is an incredible replication of the events that took place. It combines news reports, visuals and actual audio from the Apollo 13 mission to create something very special indeed.

As this Gizmodo post highlights, perhaps the most startling thing about this video is how calm everyone sounds in the face of absolute mortal danger. 'Houston we have a problem' is a phrase that has earned its place as pop culture catchphrase but, once upon a time it was the harbinger of a terrible, terrifying situation.

If you have a spare second this is must watch stuff.

Via Gizmodo


    Its just a shame the US government arent as passionate about space exploration these days.

    Sat and listened to this last night. Absolutely fascinating. One of the most interesting things I think is how calm everyone is.

      Yeah so calm! I would be freaking out, I guess you need to brave to go up there in the first place. It's 60's technology as well haha.

      I wanted to hear more... When did they know they lost the moon landing?

    Apollo 13 was a Saturn V Rocket mission, not a shuttle mission. The Space shuttle didn't even exist at the time.

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