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How are we all doing this morning? Sometimes I feel like a radio host on some terrible breakfast show when I write these intros. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Let's get to the news!

Next gen visuals. Have we really seen them in full force yet? I dunno. I know one thing, we'll probably see a lot of pretty games come out this year that will hopefully push the boundaries of what the PS4 and XBox One can do. But for now, these screenshots from the upcoming Project Cars will have to do.

Let's talk about movies for a second. This is such a cool idea: this clip shows what Fight Club would look like minus Brad Pitt because — SPOILER — he actually doesn't exist in the movie. Show just how crazy Norton's character really was in that movie!

And while we're talking about movies — I didn't realise what a cliche the 'is that what I think it is' line really was. Until now.

Chocolate sauce is usually for Ice Cream. In this case it's for incredible video game art. And this is a pretty smart alternative against Battlefield 4 helicopters.

In Short Chocolate Sauce Creates Incredible Video Game Art A Montage Of Movie Characters Saying 'Is That What I Think It Is?' What Fight Club Looks Like When Brad Pitt Is Taken Out Now These Are Some Next Gen Visuals Smart Alternative Against Battlefield 4 Helicopters


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