Zombies Matriculate Into Bully Thanks To Modders

Man, you think your class is full of zombies the Monday after a weekend. Modders have revisited the now eight-year old Bully to bring the undead to Bullworth. Can anyone survive the outbreak with a bottle-rocket gun and a bag of marbles?

You’ll have to find out later, as there’s no timetable set for this mod’s release and the footage above is described as very early in development. Looks like they managed to convert the potato gun from a turret into something portable (unless I’m misremembering how that gun was used in the original game. It was, again, eight years ago.) The video was uploaded on Thursday.

Keep track of Bully: Zombie Edition through its ModDB page but, for some reason, that site is having trouble as of publication time.

Modders invite the undead to invade Bully: Scholarship Edition [Joystiq]


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