Decent-Looking Game. Terrible Narrator.

Bound by Flame is a new action/RPG hitting multiple platforms later this year. Without any kind of sense as to how it plays, it looks pretty middle-of-the-road for a game coming out in 2014. But that voiceover — sounding enthralled, huckster-ish and befuddled — will take you back straight to the 1990s, in good and bad ways.

"Plenty of pieces of armour." "Good luck ON your quest… and keep tune for the upcoming video!" It's like a growly text-to-speech bot is reading a press release. That voiceover harkens back to when video game marketing sounded a lot less sure about what they were selling and who they were talking to. Again, Bound by Flame — from Spiders dev studio that made Mars: War Logs — the folks could wind up being great. But this is one hell of an awkward promo.


    This looks amazing... but that voice over is so terrible... I almost hope he narrates the game.

    This trailer needed a better script and much less of it, maybe a female Voice Over would have been nicer too.

    I hired a VO guy with a very similar "1990's" sounding voice for a trailer, but I was actually going for a cheesy action movie vibe as it was meant to be more of a tongue-in-cheek / parody trailer.

    Way to much talky talk. sounds like someone reading through a devs log >

    Are we assuming that he is the narrator in the game?

    "Keep tune for the upcoming video that will describe the dynamic combat system of the game... in more detail."
    That almost sounds like a pisstake, like they realise the voiceover is outdated and long winded, and the next one is going to be even more longwinded than the last. Perhaps its intentionally done in that style to attract media articles just like this one.

    This reminds me of those ads for mobile games like Candy Crush that you see on TV these days. TBH I think this trailer doesn't need any VO at all. Just let the music play and let the action speak for itself.

    And maybe drop in a few text slides about the pieces of armor.

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