Descent Is Now On Steam. Go, Go, Go.

Descent Is Now On Steam. Go, Go, Go.

In 1995, a video game was released that was unlike anything else that had ever come before it. And, really, anything released since.

That game was Descent, which took the vehicle and controls of a space shooter/flight sim and dropped them into the level design of a first-person shooter.

But where most first-person shooters only exist on a plane that makes sense for humans standing on their feet, Descent's levels could branch off into all six degrees.

Imagine Ocarina's Water Temple, only you're in a ship that's underground and you're shooting at stuff. And the Water Temple was the entire game. And at the end of every level suddenly it was Return of the Jedi, as you had to flee (remembering where to go in the confusing level layouts) a detonated reactor.

It was tough, it was brutal, but it was also a hell of a lot of fun. And hey, now that it's on Steam, a whole generation of people who probably missed it can see what the fuss is about.

Especially since it's $US3.50.

Descent [Steam]


    Great, loved this game nothing has come close.
    Confession time, played for 3wks before I realized I was on the ceiling.
    And didn't care.

    Loved it, but could only play for 5mins at a time before becoming too busy trying not to throw up.

    After buying it, i recommend looking into a D1X, runs natively in windows and higher resolution

      Thanks, was going to ask why the gif looks so unblocky.

    I remember the first time I demoed this for my family my father almost puked and my mother had to take a seat. And it was on a 15 inch monitor. I want to get this running on my 50" plasma and we'll see how they cope now.

    1. Come home from school
    2. Raid fridge for leftovers and half a freaking box of roll-ups
    3. Watch RugRats
    4. Play this game until bedtime

      1. Come home from school
      2. Raid fridge for leftovers and half a freaking box of roll-ups
      3. Watch "Angry Beavers"
      4. Play this game until bedtime

      We live very similar lives my friend.

        Acceptable options for Step 3

        - Angry Beavers
        - Rocko's modern life
        - Captain Planet (Yeah I went there)
        - Widget the world watcher
        - Babaar
        - RugRats

        The renaissance of after school TV.

          I could almost replace Roll ups with Le Snaks. My mum used to work at Uncle Tobys. As a kid I lived off cheese and crackers. Ahhh the life...

            Why were there so many crackers and so little cheese??

              You know what. I never asked her that. I think I might make a phone call tonight.

                Also let her know that the idea to change the shape of the cheese section so you could scoop out all the cheese was genius. Pure genius.

                  I shall spread forth your words Dr Chicken, you masculine thing you.

    Like many games at the time, Descent featured a free version. At the end of the free version, the boss was this huge thing that cloaked and de-cloaked in a claustrophobic cylindrical well. You had a running game of hide-and-seek to stay out of its way and sneak up on it. I remember being convinced there were two or three of the monsters in the well with me until I figured out the cloaking. What a fantastic level!!

    Listen up now Steam.
    I don't got no Tree Fiddy!

    Has this not been on gog for about 5 years, I remember downloading it pretty early when the service started? Still, this is good news for those who prefer steam.

    Wow, this was one of the first video games I played (I was born the year it came out). Can't wait to play it again!

    for some reason I always remember how to turn the cheats on in that "gabbagabbahey". Was such a great game got disorientated so much.

    Nostalgia to the max. Had to restrict playing time on this game due to almost throwing up, imagine this on oculus rift.

      i was thinking exactly the samne thing RE: occulus rift
      so much vomit but so much fun

      It supported split-screen 3D - I remember all sorts of bizarre rigs involving goggles and mirrors and holding your head really still to get the 3D effect on the cheap. Now *that* was vomit inducing... :)

    I think this game was the first one with a seriously good soundtrack. I hold it responsible for me getting into electronic music. :)

    Oh man, all the nostalgia. All of it.

    Uhh...someone tell Luke that it's been on for ages. (and so is Descent 2)
    And its DRM free. AND you get the soundtrack.
    Sure its not $3.50 right now, but has sales all the time.

      Yeah, I got this. It's such a cool game that I might cry.

      Does Descent II on GoG come with the Redbook audio from the CD release? That game had a really great industrial soundtrack.

    Yep, already got it on GOG .... and Descent 2 and Descent 3 and Freepsace 1 and Freespace 2.

    Anyone played Retrovirus?
    Supposed to be a modern Descent. I've bought it, but it's still in my Pile of Shame.

    i missed this but i loved forsaken.
    it had a pretty great atmosphere

    Wow, what a flashback. I still remember that level after almost 20 years!

    Now, if only I can remember where I put my 286...

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