Briefly: Did EA Send You A Titanfall Beta Code For The Wrong Platform?

Helpful tipster Tony points us to the EA Help website, where there are step-by-step instructions that promise to get your code snafu taken care of in two hours.

Titanfall beta code platform issue and workaround [EA]


    Partner got an email saying he was sent one for xbone by mistake, and it came with a pc code. Thing is he asked for xbone in the first place so he got two.

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      same here

      Similar thing happened here. I registered for both PC and Xbox One beta's. Got sent an Xbox One Code to both my registrations. Then I got sent a correction email to both containing PC Codes. And then again for some reason, got yet another PC Code sent to my original PC registration email.

      Needless to say, a few of my not-news-following friends who were interested in the game got a very nice Valentines day present from myself :P

      do you happen to have spare pc code? they sent me an xbox and havnt sent me the fixed pc code. if u have it and are willing to share my email it [email protected]

        They sent me a PC code. Email me and me can exchange

    Haven't been sent one yet

      After a pc one?

        I am interested in pc one never got around to signing up for beta, Been addicted to "Lost" haven't touched a game for 3 weeks lol

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          Titanfall PC Beta code: 6W7P-RXBC-C8BS-E594-JA35

            Cheers but already taken by the time I tried

            Signed up to beta hopefully I get in before the end

              Now that I think of it I should've asked for your email and sent it to your direct. Anyhoo. Good luck.

        Yeah I am, but no real rush.

          You can have the spare one we have if you like.

          Edit: never mind. Someone else beat you to it.

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    Received Xbone code by mistake... EA sends me new PC code... PC code already used. Contact EA customer support, apparently my origin account is flagged for access to the beta; must just be invisible.
    EA is certainly keeping up with expectations. See: BF3, SimCity

    I requested Xbox One, got Xbox One, then got an email saying "sorry, here's a PC code, give the Xbox One code to a friend". Weird.

    Gave it to the first facebook friend who was interested.

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    I requested a Xbox one code and got it. Then the next day i got an email saying they hade sent it in error and gave me a PC one as well. Have been playing it on X1 and will try it on PC tomorrow.

    I've just been playing it for the last few hours in a party of 6 friends and its so much more fun than when I was in the alpha all by myself :D

    This is a must have game.

    a few of my friends got sent multiple codes for the right platform, that's how I ended up in the beta :D

      Do you get stuttering when you play? It is reporting 120FPS but it has lots of small stutters.

      Also i'm not a fan of the bots. I have trouble telling who is a threat and who is not even worth wasting bullets on until one of them has killed me in a fraction of a second.

        Only my last match but the whole team got it at the same time, I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact our whole team was from WA?

        Maybe its because I was in the alpha but got no problem differing between AI and pilots most the time, I also use the perk that show all AI on the radar and pilots have a bigger blip.

        Bots seem to be worth killing purely to accelerate your titanfall. They only take like 2-3 bullets anyway. Apparently you can hack them? No idea how.

    Same thing happened to me as a couple people have already said, I asked for a One code got it, the they sent me a PC code.

    On the game side, as someone who hates playing online (I know, I'm the worst) I am loving the game. Titans are powerful but not invincible, the free running is amazing. It might be the first game a spend days playing online with.

    I got an xbox one code as requested but they have now sent me a pc code and another xbox one code. if anyone wants an xbox one code let me know. Everyone in the world will be in the beta at this rate.

      if u have an extra pc code ill send you the xbox one code i got. i have no use for it.

        Could you send me a code for pc

    So far I've now got two Xbox codes and one PC code. They sent me an Xbox code, which is what I wanted, followed by a "oops, you got an Xbox code, here's a PC code" followed again by "oops, you got a PC code, here's an Xbox code" lol.

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    They sent me 2 xbone codes and a pc code if anyone wants the xbone ones:



      Do you have a PC code?

    I.. ahem ..found a way to dupe multiple Titanfall beta keys. If you use the key swap a second time with a different Origin account, EA will simply upgrade that account to access the beta.

    Either they are too lazy to check old keys, or they're just pushing swaps through too fast to care because of the mistake; all I know is that it's worked 4 times for my friends/family from the same Xbone Titanfall beta key.

      I think they wouldn't care since they just want as many people playing as possible. I've been spammed with 3 keys so far.

      Is that Xbone only or PC too? Because I may know of an individual who would love a PC code.

    Anyone have a spare PC code? Many people seem to be getting extra's when I havn't even gotten my first, typical EA...

    Edit: [email protected]
    If anyone is nice enough :) thanks

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    if anyone could spare me a pc code i'd be VERY greatful?

    Actually EA sent me two xbox one beta codes and a pc uhhh.....yeah

      Are you using the PC code?

    nope, i got 2 beta invites, even though i signed up for PC. Anyone want a beta code for xbone, send me a message.

      Can I have a xbox one code please

        have you got it yet? Well first come first serve: FTQXM-YKXKC-YJQXH-KW637-62YVZ

    i sent EA a email with a bad cd key and said it didn't work and i sent it twice and i got 2 keys back within 3 hours. if you don't have one send them a key like it was the wrong one and you will get a fresh one within a few hours. easy no issues.

    here are the ones i got

    Titanfall Closed Beta key: JTFJR-V2XC7-M2C62-TY6RH-TWKFZ
    Titanfall Closed Beta key: PY496-9HMH6-7XTKG-VG6C2-TYJ6Z

    Hey everyone, glad to hear you guys are enjoying the beta. If someone has an xbox one code and Is willing to give it to me direct message me it. it would be greatly appreciated, thanks and happy gaming!

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    Xbox One: FR42Y-M4FFH-KD2Q9-6TMFG-FHMJZ
    Xbox One: FHHQ7-CP4WJ-6V24P-3HCW2-RVR9Z

    Hey was wondering if anyone had a spare pc key they could send my way ;D I would really appreciate it.

    [email protected]

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    I am eagerly awaiting a PC code if EA is nice enough. But if someone was sent an extra PC code, I wouldn't refuse it haha :D

    [email protected]


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