So, Folks Are Paying For Titanfall Beta Keys

So, Folks Are Paying For Titanfall Beta Keys

Never mind the fact it’s a beta, or that it’s being thrown open to anyone with an internet connection, some people wanted to get into the Titanfall beta so bad they were willing to pay for it.

At time of posting, there are over 800 listings on eBay for Titanfall beta codes. Most are priced starting at $US0.99, which really wasn’t that bad a deal to get in right now (well, the PC ones anyway, since that beta isn’t open yet), but others were asking for as much as $US20-50.

Not all of them went ignored and unpaid, either. Quite a few of the cheaper ones were snapped up, while GameSpot caught someone who paid $35. For an Xbox One code. The day before it went open.

Titanfall Beta [eBay]


  • Burn. I got my beta key from EA about 2 hours before it went open, and I’d already been hooked up elsewhere about 12 hours prior to that. Even though the beta felt too short (only about 5 days long) a few hours is really all you need. Sure, the game is fun and you CAN play more but clearly a longer beta (such as is usually the case) is not really warranted. I might play some more tonight, though I’m assuming ranking up to 14 (the beta cap) isn’t going to get me any benefits when the full game is out.

  • Lol I got the xbox one key before launch from EB games for preordering and a PC key the day after from the beta sign up. Hate the PC version will be going xbox one.

    • Can you please say why you hate the PC version? I have not played the beta and am unsure what system to go (pro for pc is I have 3 screens)

      • For some weird reason, PC version was very jerky and still not optimized for SLI yet. I am not even sure why it wont even run my GFX for 100%. Always stutter between 60-80% on one card. I’m staying away for now until it gets better. I don’t mind picking up a PC version in the future.

  • Do people not realize you can just email EA saying the key you got didn’t work without even giving them a key and they’ll add it to your account no questions asked?

  • Was the same with Dota2 keys, probably anything else. At least those were tradeable passes, meaning you’re less likely to be scammed..

  • Oh God, don’t… Jesus guys, cut it out. Don’t be so desperate that you’ll BUY access, you’re only encouraging them!

  • This game looks fun but waiting for the 360 version – not buying a new console for just one game

  • Same thing happened with the FFXIV:ARR beta. SE were sending codes to random people every Friday for four weeks. Some people got lucky and got their code on the first day, some were unlucky and got their code on the last week. The ones who were impatient, didn’t sign up for beta or wanted their friend to join the beta bought the key passes.

  • This is no more retarded than the bullshit around Steam Greenlight, where people are in many cases forced to pay full retail price for the ALPHA (not even beta) and getting nothing but early access in return.

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