Fall Out Boy Made A Flappy Bird Clone. Sigh.

The Flappy Bird situation has spawned several amazing Flapp — likes, from Terry Cavanagh's Maverick Bird to the amazing FlapMMO. Then there is this.

Developed by Mass Threat and available free right now on Google Play (coming soon to iOS), Fall Out Bird is... I just can't. Fall Out Bird? Really? First Fall Out Boy Trail, now this?

It's great that the band likes games. I like games. I also like chocolate, but I do not think people would enjoy chocolate shaped like me. Or maybe they would. I just don't know anymore.


    To be fair, it's not like Flappy Bird was original, it was just a ripoff of 'Helicopter game'. So when we snark about a group ripping off a ripoff, especially one that steals all its graphics, sounds and... well *everything* from other sources... isn't it all a bit pointless?

    I think the bigger issue here is, Failout Boy is still AROUND????

      Yeah, that was the part that shocked me the most.

      Also I think it's only fair to point out that most of this is because Fall Out Boy suck. If Notch, Felicia Day or any number of loveable nerd stars made a Flappy Bird knock-off this article would be singing their praise and insisting it was genius. It's just promotional material and I can at least give them credit for trying something a little different.

      No. Flappy Bird is not a rip-off of that helicopter game. Did you even play that helicopter game? In that game, you gotta hold down the key or button to stay up. Release the key or button and the helicopter drops. In Flappy Bird, you continuously have to tap the key to stay flying. They are not the same game. If you're a programmer, you'd know that they are not the same. If you are, build one. Then build the other. You'll see that the logic in the code is different at that one point: when the helicopter or when the bird receives the up-lift and when either receives the effect of gravity.

      That Piou Piuo game is more similar to Flappy Bird than that helicopter game.

      Anyone who says that Flappy Bird is a rip-off of that helicopter game or Piuo Piuo must accept that any first-person 3d game that uses the mouse or other controller is a rip-off of id's Castlewolfenstein, Doom and Quake games.

        Pointing at that only small pieces of code are different isn't nearly as strong an argument as you seem to think it is.

        Thats like saying great Giana sisters wasnt a mario ripoff because you got spikey hair instead of growing large when you got a beachball instead of a mushroom.. sorry dude but flappy bird was a ripoff. It was just introduced at the right time to a new generation who didnt know the original for the right price: free.

        As for the fps comment. Dude if you were alive back then youd know copying of mechanics of doom and wolfenstein went far deeper than that ffs. Every second company released blatant clones of those games.

        Last edited 14/02/14 7:20 am

      Sadly, they are still around. They went on hiatus. If only it was a permanent vacation.

    What the hell are they trying to fly through? Looks like a cross between a chilli pepper and a hairbrush.

    Its just a wanky thing to do. Whoever did this.. wankers.

    Uhh, does Mike not know about Flappy Jam? A game jam done to support the maker of Flappy Bird? Fall Out Boy are doing this as part of it in honour of the original game.

    Research! It's not just for science!

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