Fallout Monopoly Is Probably The Only Thing That Could Convince Me To Play Monopoly

Has anyone ever played a game of Monopoly that ended well? That board game destroys families, ends marriages, drives a massive wedge between friends. I have absolutely zero need to play that game again, ever. But this incredible custom made Fallout board, complete with caps for cash, might convince me to have one last game for old time's sake.

Replacing ye olde car, boat, dog and boot comes computer chips and batteries. It was made in Poland, so plenty of the board seems impenetrable for us, but man — someone needs to set about making this on a wide scale and distributing it. Mainly because I want it. That's the only reason.

That reminds me — a Metal Gear Solid version of Risk exists. Time to spend some money for no good reason.


    All the cash in Monopoly's (although I realise this is fan made) suffer from being Monopoly still.

    Fallout themed Settlers of Catan could work. It would be a much better game at least.

    Well when that create your own monopoly board comes online soon you could make something really close to this!!

    It could almost convince me to buy Monopoly, but even this couldn't convince me to play Monopoly. =P

    Monopoly is a great game. The part that makes it terrible is the home grown rules (Free parking money for example) that drags the game out forever, keeping money in circulation rather than being the relatively "quick" and fun game it normally is.

      Yup, combined with the "no buying properties on first trip around" [wtf?].
      I can usually get that one fixed up though, but the one which I never seem to be able to get people to accept is the "if someone chooses not to purchase a property, it is auctioned off to everyone else"....

      Mind you, these are the same people that are always apprehensive to play because "the games drag on too long"

      ok then...

      It is NOT a great game. Other people have written about why but I'd summarize it as being painful because it's about slowly grinding your opponents into the ground until the inevitable conclusion is reached.

      There's no incentive for people to keep going once the balance has tipped in favour of the lead player. However, comparing it to Settlers, there is still hope for a trailing player to keep going, especially if the others gang up on the lead player using the robber etc.

      Anyhow, I wonder if this version of Monopoly has special rules to make it interesting. A friend of mine was excited about an Adventure Time version of Monology and I was cynical. Is it the same junk with a nice coating?

      For me, the biggest downfall is the banker. I'VE NEVER MET AN HONEST MONOPOLY BANKER YET!!!

    Ganes usually end well for because I win most of the time :-D hoard those yellows, reds & greens. A strategy that hasn't failed me yet

    When I play Monopoly, I ruthlessly collect all the $1, $5 - and if I can swing it - $10 notes so no one can give correct change. Every time I do it; I win via forfeit.

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