New Dark Souls II Features Thrill, Delight And Concern

Actor Peter Serafinowicz is appearing in Dark Souls II. So is voice chat. The folks at PlayStation Access have returned from a special Dark Souls II preview event in London with a video packed with new features fans of the franchise might love. Or hate. It's complicated.

To an outsider, many of the new changes detailed for the upcoming death simulator sequel seem like a good idea. Voice chat? Great! For more seasoned players, it's a feature that might break down the experience completely, even if it's an opt-in thing.

The PlayStation Access folks are pretty upbeat about it. Going into more detail over at, Aoife Wilson calls out seven reasons series fans should worry about the game, based on the new features.

I leave the debate for braver adventurers than I.


    Voice chat?


    Communication being limited to gestures is part of the charm that I believe creates the type of community Dark Souls has allowing stuff like Dark Souls Santa or randoms dropping some nice loot for newbies to exist. It wouldn't be the same with voice chat.

    Also if I wanted to get homophobic slurs about my mother screamed at me there's other games that allow that.

      While I'd rather not have the feature at all, I still think it will open up some interesting possibilities. Setting up ambushes will be a lot easier, also the ability to tell your newly summoned co-op partner that you aren't currently trying to set the world record for a speed run and you just want to take game at your own pace will be nice.

      But that also means that trolling will become easier and bigger insults outside of someone throwing a Archstone on the ground that says 'I'm sorry" after him and two other dudes in full havel's with a chest of avarice on their heads introduced you to an all you can eat Stun-lock buffet.

      It's based on a ring, you have to have the ring equipped to hear / speak in voice chat.

        That's pretty cool, so if you want to have voice chat you have to sacrifice one of your ring slots, I like it.

    Invading when hollow doesn't make sense... Can you request an ally when hollow as well now?
    If so what is the use of humanity?

      Humanity, or 'human effigies', actually staves off people invading your world. It makes sense, instead of humanity being useless and just a healing item once you weren't a complete noob, it has it's uses in that if you want to stop being invaded, you care about your humanity. It didn't make sense in Dark Souls 1 that humanity was scarce or wanted, because for a 'bad player', there was no incentive to go human apart from summoning, which made things trivially easy.

        It's the opposite, in DS1 if you were human you could be invaded...and you could summon an ally. Humanity was never a waste afterwards - it was a great healing item if you had it in abundance but you had to be human to use it.
        In both my playthroughs I was human the majority of the time but at some places (Sens Fortress, Blighttown) I did not want to be hassled by invaders so I stayed hollow - It was an awesome system - risk/reward...

          That's wrong. You can heal with humanity without being in human form, it just adds to your soft humanity. Humanity for its purpose was useless - summoning phantoms was not nearly as useful as an invader was detrimental. It's best use was boosting item discovery, something that you didn't need to be human for (just have soft humanity at the cap of 10). I don't want to seem elitist, but after my 11th playthrough, I can assure you that the humanity system was poorly set up (but still better than DeS' world tendency).

          Last edited 02/02/14 2:10 pm

            Well your 11 playthroughs beats my 4... your right about the healing, been a while since I played.

            I found summoning phantoms very useful - I also had an abundance of humanity for item discovery - regardless I think the system was fine, I'll wait and see how the changes impact DS2

            Last edited 02/02/14 3:28 pm

      There's also a covenant that will automatically summon friendly players from that covenant if you're invaded (it's either way of the blue or the other one).

    We all knew the game was going to be "casualised" at some point - rarely do devs have any integrity left by the third game in a series. They always pander to Mr Moron who only owns Halo & COD. *sigh*

      If you bothered to watch gameplay / interviews / actual good players streams, you'd know that this isn't the case with DaSII and you're just projecting all over the place.

    Player since Demon Souls here, if you can disable the voice chat then seasoned players have nothing to complain about. More options is a good thing, if you don't want communication then don't communicate.

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