Off Topic: Greatest Fast Food

Over at Lifehacker, our very own Chris Jager is always writing about fast food. He is also always eating the stuff. I thought I'd throw it out to you: what is your favourite fast food? What do you avoid?

I have a couple of favourites. Because I'm a bit of a nervous calorie counter, I'm a big fan of Mad Mex and Nandos. They all have some really awesome healthy options if I want to be one of those people. (Newsflash: I am one of those people).

I'm also a big fan of Le Wrap. Oh dear God it is so delicious. I have a soft spot in my clogged up heart for KFC as well. I like Big Macs. I love Big Macs. Haven't had one in a while though...

Things I try to avoid? Any fries from fast food. Those things are just ridiculously bad for you. It's crazy how quick the KJ count rattles up when you add a large fries to your meal.


    Anything from Noodle Box. Oh, so good.

      Fact. Boxes make noodles taste better. That is science.

        Well, thats not exactly brain surgery…(hopefully someone gets the reference)

    I'm a sucker for a good Banh Mi. There's a place in Brisbane called The Roll Shop that was super rad. I remember going there when it first opened and after a few weeks, the queues started to really build up.

    It's tucked away in an alley near Post Office Square.

      Man, I haven't had a bahn mi in ages. I need to move somewhere with a bigger Vietnamese population.

      Right, I'm hunting for that place next time I'm in the city. I haven't had a good Banh Mi in forever.

        Coming from the Queen St Mall, walk down Queen St past Post Office Square. There's an alley between HSBC and NAB, it should be in there. If you reach Creek St/ANZ/Starbucks, you've gone too far.

        Hopefully it's still there.

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          OHH EMM GEEE i <3 a good Banh Mi!!

          You will not find a better Banh Mi then in Adelaide, so many choices, if your ever in SA give this fb page a read for reviews

    Top three are kebabs, Subway and Oporto. I'll generally try and find one of them when out with friends and doing the whole fast food thing. I don't even know what to get from McDonalds any more, I used to just have the McOz til they got rid of it, now I stand there for like ten minutes staring at the menu instead.

      I tried Oporto once, their chicken was like fish, never again.

      Gotta throw my vote behind a kebab as well. It may be beef, it may be chicken, it may be lamb, it may be horse, it may be stray dog that got hit by a car, it may be hitchhiker who looked at someone the wrong way but shave it thin, put it in Turkish bread with hummus, tabouli, lettuce, onion, cheese & shitloads of hot chilli sauce and I don't care how many relatives miss him...

        you can NOT have too much hot sauce!

          It very much depends on the type, for me the only good hot chili sauce on a kebab is that neon orange one, the colour found in hot chilli sauce, warning signs and nowhere else

    Honestly? Go to McDonalds, ask for the McSpicy with extra spicy sauce and ask for Cheese with it. Tastes INSANELY good but you have to have it *with* cheese.

    I seriously cannot believe they didn't put cheese on the burger to begin with. It's the one missing element from that burger.

      They do that a lot as a simple way to drop the total energy count down.

        Yeah but ask them to add the cheese, it makes the burger less dry and so much better!

      I didn't even know a McSpicy was a thing.

        Yeah it's one of their chicken burgers. Chicken fillet, spicy sauce and lettuce. That's it. Dry burger, but once you add the cheese and ask for extra sauce, it's ****ing beautiful.

          so getting one of these! I normally add some Oporto sauce once i get home

            Let me know what you think. Its crucial you get the cheese and extra sauce though...

              i'd never considered it, shame this wasnt posted pre-lunch or id be stuffing my face already!!!

              Shut up…. shut up…. lalalalalalalalalalalalala…. don't tell me these things! I eat enough of that stuff already… you're ruining my health dammit. But seriously. Its. so. good.

                lmao you tried it eh? Unfortunately it's now a thing of the past for me, or at least a special treat.

                Had an upsetting day today. My son got teased about my weight. He came home pretty upset. I'm not huge, but it's starting to become noticeable, 2 years ago I was fit as hell, unfortunately inactivity and university full time have led to weight piling on. I'll be avoiding these delicious burgers for a while I think... back to karate, the gym and a better diet :)

                  A while ago actually, but yeah it was unexpectedly tasty! :) Bummer sorry to hear that weresmurf. That sucks both for you and him. Im trying to lay of those tasty treats as well. Karate and the gym is definitely a good combo. Hope you enjoy it. As you probably know, karate is great for self confidence…but also for bullies (should things ever get that extreme).


                  @stoob hahahaha…I was trying to be subtle but that approach totally works. But if you're gonna use the ninjamask, you need the full outfit. shirt, pants shorts and everything. otherwise you just look ridiculous. Ah, who am i kidding? ninja masks are awesome. Especially for surprising kids or your sisters boyfriend :P

                  @weresmurf Cant respond to your post coz there are too many comments here. Figured you had done it for a while but didn't realise you were national champ. Congrats. Also when you do reminisce just don't hurt yourself…palmstrikes to the face are deadly :p

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                  This is when you pull out the ol ninja mask and hide outside the school in the bushes waiting for them, then jump out all beverly hills ninja style and watch the children fly! or more realisticaly get picked up by the police before school ends and have an interesting talk with constable bazza.

                  lol @ninjaman and @stoob I've been doing karate for years now, unfortunately life got in the way (and laziness) of regular training (oh and a terrible relationship lol). But mostly laziness. In 2010 I was the NAS National Australian Champion in my division for points sparring, unfortunately since then I let myself go a fair bit. Sucks, I see photos of myself back then and I facepalm myself. But I'm aware of it now so there's no self pity, just determination to get back there and beyond. But yeah a ninja mask would kick ass :D lol

      I stopped having McSpicy burgers because it wasnt so...pleasant when it came out the other end.

      What i like to do though is get a Big Mac but replace the meat patties with McChicken patties. it is bliss. I seldom go to Maccas though. I'm a kebab and Hungry Jacks guy.

    KFC Twisters. God damn I could eat them by the bucket-load.

      GOD YES! Love Twisters! Only problem i have is they never seem to have the right balance of sauce, its either not enough (standard amount) or too much (when you ask for extra). And since you can't get KFC sauces on the side anymore :( its a battle i deal with.

    I used to think I liked Oporto, but then I realised that I just like the chilli sauce. So my answer is Oporto chilli sauce, which you can buy in store for $5 and put on EVERYTHING at home.

    I still don't mind ordering a bondi burger every now and then, but they usually don't put enough sauce on and you end up just eating a bland burger in the gaps.

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      I can't eat quite a lot of McDonald's burgers without adding copious amounts of sriracha these days.

      Once you've had a quarter pounder soaked in sriracha, it's impossible to go back to that bland, greasy hockey puck.

      Oh my god you're a legend :D

      I have heaps of Nandos sauce which I do the same with. Now with Oportos sauce THE WORLD SHALL BE MINE!!!!! Well maybe not but you're right, I'm positive with their glorious sauce I can make a chicken burger that's 10x better.

      i dont live near an Oporto so i just buy one or two sauce bottles whenever im near one!! yes it goes on everything too! i often find myself just eating the sauce from the bottle (just for that little chilli hit!)

      Speaking of sauce (and how delicious it is) has anyone ever tried to get as much free sauce as possible (I'm talking like a family bag full of the sachets?) Anyone up for the challenge?

    I too am a calorie counter, so when I want to do the nasty fast food I've gotta hit the gym extra hard that day to compensate. At 900 calories per hour on the bike, all it takes is dedication :)

    in no particular order:

    Oporto double bondi burger with extra chilli sauce
    Oporto bondi bites

    tuck shop takeaway (In Caulfield, VIC) burger
    tuck shop takeaway corned beef jaffle

    KFC zinger burger
    KFC hot and spicy fillets (MARK take note, these are surprisingly low in calories!)

    McDonalds quarter pounder, no onions, extra extra extra extra pickles.

    Turkish Kebab on Clarendon St in South Melbourne, mixed kebab with no onion, mixture of garlic and chilli sauce.

    Acland St Cantina cuban sandwich.

    Mad Mex burritos with various combinations of fillings

    Grill'd Hot Hombre, with no onion. I rarely go there though because it's so overpriced.

    I "theoretically" like Nando's, but see note regarding Grill'd.

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      and the burger patties have onion in them for us non-onion eaters

        Oh I don't mind onion flavour, or onions in sauce or whatever, I just really hate onions on burgers :)

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    Guzman y Gomez - does that count as fast food?

    I also have a soft spot for KFC Popcorn Chicken, though I tend to go months between eating it.

      Ha. Was about to say GYG. So damn tasty.

        My points balance agrees; damn tasty! And since they opened up next to the office.... es muy delicioso!

          Heh. A friend of mine is the head cook for the local one so he's just loaded me down with $20 vouchers which is good for a meal and a beer.

      GYG does the best burritos ever.

        Salsa's do one with basically the same ingredients but it's nowhere near as good.

        FUCK YES.

        Mad Mex SUCK, their hideous gruel is bland and sloppy and Beach Burrito is definitely better but can be pretty bland so you have to drown it in hot sauce to even get a mild spice-buzz going.

        I usually pair my spicy chicken guerro burrito with shitloads of El Yucateco Chipotle sauce too. Nothing else comes close.

          My friend loves Mad Mex and I thought they where super crappy, nice to know it's not just me.

    I'm a sucker for Guzman Y Gomez above all others, the Pork Chipotle Salad with added red onion, jalapenos and coriander is utterly brilliant, and only works out about 1500kj.

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    Subway. I can't get enough of those goddamn sandwiches. And its like half a block away from my house.

      Sydney here but DAMN burger foundry looks good

          I live in newtown... we can do better than burgerlicious haha. Checkout a bar called "Mary's" they do the best american style cheeseburgers I've had in Aus :)

            Haha. Will def check it out at some point, cheers. Also, if you haven't tried it.

              AWESOME !

              I sent it to my mate and he reckons this place in the city does a wicked bacon cheeseburger.... I'm in a hectic gym routine at the moment so trying to hit minimal carbs but might have to set a date to check this stuff out, looks amazing.


                Holy cow (get it!?) No, seriously though...I don't work TOO far from there. Lunch sorted for me tomorrow.


        Great burgers (I don't like rabbit food in my meat) and even better ribs, oh and their Portugese chicken wings are pretty bloody magical.

          Yep I used to live around Bondi and get take away... great stuff !

        It is freaking awesome.

        I don't eat it very often, though, because it's not the kind of thing I can eat on the spur of the moment. I need to prepare myself by fasting for 24 hours beforehand - those burgers are as big as your damn head, so I need to starve myself first, and then make sure there's nothing on in the following 24 hours that will require me to move.

      Definitely a +1 for Fancy Burger!!


      Speaking of burgers in Adelaide, I was very, very disappointed by the burger theory foodtruck, is their new proper burger shop serving food to a higher standard?

        I personally never found any qualms with the Burger Theory foodtruck, and I can safely say that the Burger Theory restaurant is no different. Great in my opinion, but obviously not for everyone.

        Can't speak for Pearl's Diner, which is a restaurant run by the same creators, though.

          I've tried going to Pearl's Diner a couple of times but it's always been so packed I couldn't even get in the door so ended up going elsewhere.

      Tried Burger Republic? I find it kick's Fancy Burgers' ass.
      But that could just be because I overdid Fancy's when the first store opened in Blackwood.

    Also a tad out of the way but Ferg Burger in Queenstown NZ is insanely good.

      Seconded. Wanaka Burger (Red Star) was JUST as good, but they declined in the past few years. Sad times. :(

    Red Rooster strip sub.

    Poor old Red Rooster.... Roast packs...

    I'll just be over here by myself... In this corner...

    GET OUT OF THAT CORNER! The only thing I DON'T like about Red Roosters Strip sub, is that I never know if the bun will be good or not. Just a plain strip sub. Sigh, they got that right!

    KFC, whenever I go back home to Oz that's what I get first.

    Schnitz. Schnitz is king. Fantastic quality at every store I've been to.

      Agreed, Schnitz is amazing. Especially the "Aussie Aussie" with a parmy.

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    KFC: Tower burger, popcorn chicken
    Maccas: Filet-o-fish, McChamp
    Ogalo: Ogalo burger
    Oporto: Double Bondi burger
    Red Rooster: Strip sub (think they call it the classic sub now?)
    Any kind of Supreme pizza

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      Ogalo... Oh my f*cking god!

      The one thing I miss about Sydney. Nothing comes close in Brisbane to an Ogalo burger.

    I prefer specific burgers rather than total chain. Bacon deluxe or spicy cheesy bacon tendercrisp from hjs, and big mac from maccas.

    Kingsley's Chicken - leaves KFC for dead - every time I visit Canberra I have to get some!

      used to work there. some of the best chips I've had. good gravy too. have to say though working there you get a bit over it.

      Kingsley's, and Henny Penny in Newcastle which is almost as good. I crave those quite often but live in Queensland. It's torturous.

        Yeah I live in Brisbane too - I think I saw an Ali Baba somewhere up here (another 'Canberra chain') but Kingley's need to venture north

    Easily Zambrero. Its insane how good that place is...

    I quite like the KFC fillet burger. It's about the only thing they make that I can stomach (at least not in small doses).

    My wife and I have been calorie counting and it really is remarkable how many more calories you incur by getting a large meal instead of a regular. Especially at places like Red Rooster/KFC/Oporto where they use big thick chips and the serving is roughly double waht you'd get at McDonald's. So, we order regualr size meals now. Unless we're feeling indulgent and that's basically the only thing we were eating that day.

    I used to love pizza but it's now been some 3 months since I last had any. I miss it. But it's just not worth it anymore.

    So anyway, in terms of preference, I'm currently enjoying Oporto. You don't really get "healthy" burgers there, especially since they're bloody huge, but you get a pretty good meal out of one.

    I also really like ribs, but the only place I can get ribs easily is my local Killa Burger and they're neither as cheap or as enjoyable as the ones I used to get from Arnold's Ribs & Pizza when I was a kid, so again, just not worth it.

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