Off Topic: What Are You Scared Of?

I've never been scared of heights. I'm not really scared of spiders or cockroaches or insects. I'm scared of something a bit more pragmatic, but I feel like it's sort of a genuine phobia. I'm really scared of breaking my neck!

I know that sounds silly. Everyone is scared of breaking their neck. It's not an irrational fear, but it is a little debilitating. I'm a little afraid of the ocean because I'm worried about sandbanks and hitting my head on them! I'm afraid of doing certain things face first for this reason.

Anyway — that's what I'm afraid of. Today's Off Topic is about fears. What are you scared of?



    This might make me an Ashley Williams style space racist, but I found talking to Wrex genuinely uncomfortable at first in Mass Effect. D:

    I've got more pragmatic fears too, but I keeps them to my neurotic self. XD

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      So the TV series V (either version) is all your nightmares made visible and visceral?

    Being an adult
    Hard work
    Public performances

    I am a rational person, and I know it's entirely irrational, but god. damn. BEES.

      I fear bees because if they sting me I swell up, my throat closes and I die. People laugh at me for violently flinching when a bee gets close to me, and that makes me angry, because they would violently flinch too if the equivalent of a knife-weilding psychopath was lunging at them with a dagger pointed at their jugular.

        See, I'm not even allergic and they still give me a lashing of terror.

      I like bee's, I think they're cute. What I don't like is wasps. I HATE wasps!

        See I think wasps are cute too, if they were the size of a cat I'd have one as a pet and train it to sit on my shoulder. Presumably you'd have to remove or blunt the sting but that shouldn't be hard on a wasp the size of a cat.

      Bees and Wasps freak the shit out of me. I will literally run away from them. I'm fairly allergic - not life-threatening but I swell up like crazy - and that probably feeds into it.

      I never had any problems with bees, until one stung me near my eye: I woke up to find this thing crawling on my face, tried to shoo it but it held on, tried to pull it off and it stung me - at which point I realised it wasn't "just a fly". Spent the rest of the week seeing the world without the benefit of depth perception.

    Spiders, insects and other such creepy crawly things freak me out.


    Most other things I can deal with, but these foods are unnatural, and want to kill me.

      You want unnatural? Tomato and Eggplant belong to the same family. And one of the other food crops in that family is the Potato.


        *not potatoes of course - they're the chicken of the vegetable world.

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      Are you allergic to asprin?

        No, I have texture issues with all three of these foods. I can eat tomato paste, tomato sauce, hell, even drink tomato juice. But raw tomato is vile. Pineapple is the same. Pineapple flavored stuff is OK, pineapple juice is pretty good, but actual pineapple is awful.

        Although eggplant is just wholly strange and unusual on all fronts.

          Ah. See, if you have problems with some of the main active stuff in asprin (salicylic acid), then things like tomatoes and pineapples do quite literally try to kill you when you eat them.

            Yeah, 'killing me' might be an exaggeration. I just really dislike them. Interesting facts though, I did not know that!

    Heights, I guess. I don't experience vertigo, but even climbing a small ladder is nervewracking for me if it's not completely 100% stable. I don't think it's so much the height, but the instability and the paranoia that I will fall and get hurt is paralyzing.

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      i'm not scared of heights in real life but i get vertigo when i climb shit in games. it's fucking wierd.


    Can't stand them. I'll jump out of a moving car to get away from one. Heights, snakes, spiders, public speaking, death...all that stuff I'm fine with.

    It's just the goddamn bees.

    commitment...and horses :P

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      I'm guessing you don't dream about marrying Sarah Jessica Parker then?

        On the contrary. All the time. The fear of commitment and horses is just too crushing.... ;p

    Wasps more so than bees for me, as wasps will sting you just for being alive, whereas bees will generally only sting you if you're a threat, as they can only sting once before their bum falls off.

      As a child who was fascinated by insects, I was stung many times by wasps. They're angry, vengeful little bastards, they hurt more than bees, and they'll keep stinging you just because they can.

    Failure. And it leads to way too much procrastination.

    Ducks and being strangled

      what if ducks had thumbs and could strangle you O_O

        God that's terrifying, although I don't think they'd have the wing strength to strangle ... so there's a small relief. Although they would if they could.

          Then, at the end of the world, ducks began to lift, bro, and thus were able to strangle and overthrow their human oppressors.

          Well ducks are birds and have hollow bones so chances are that your throat would break their thumbs before they could strangle you

      definitely don't want to google ducks without beaks then, some freaky pictures there

    I'm worried that things seem to be getting worse, and that all the great minds seem to be gone... and that no one seems to be interested in fixing the problems we're facing.

    That and aneurysms.

    Wasps, they are creepy as hell, some can manipulate other insects minds with pheramones or by directly boring into their heads others can alter the genetic structure of plants, there's even a species that has a zinc plated stinger in a sheathe and can use it like a pneumatic drill and bore into solid wood. *shudders*
    Totally fine with pretty much any other type of insect or arachnid.
    Oh I also fear Hard Drive Failures, they are the blurst
    Edit: Also there are those pycho Japanese wasps that are huge and their sting melts human flesh, people have needed to use dental records to identify corpses that have been swarmed by them.

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    I've got ophidiophobia

      Fear of snakes. Save someone else a google ;)

        Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes!

          poor snakes, they're nice, i worked in the bush for years and encountered hundreds 99% of them are terrified of people.

            People! Why'd it have to be people!

              was that the scene where snake indy opens the thing full of humans?

            I feel the same way about spiders. People see a huntsman and lose their minds, then move heaven and earth to ensure it is obliterated. Most of the time the little guy is just minding his own business, and wants nothing more than to avoid you.

              ^ This. The truth is Huntsmen actually fear humans and will only bite under extreme circumstance. If they can, they flee instead.

              we have a spider catching container next to our door permenantly so I can relocate the little guys when they get stuck in our house.

    i'm having a baby in three (or so) weeks and i'm fucking terrified that i may drop it.

      It's okay, they are made of rubber...


          You can actually mould a baby like clay for the first few days so if it turns out to be ugly just give it a bit of a gentle push here and there and it might end up prettier. Or you could give it horns, that'd be badass.

      I think every mother to be has that fear.

      But have faith. As long as you have support around you and confidence in yourself, it will be fine and you will have one of the greatest gifts of all.

    Change. I've worked the same job in the same factory for 13 years because I'm too scared to get out there and look for something different.

    Also... I wouldn't call it a fear but butterflies freak the hell out of me. When they're close you never know when they're just gonna BAM!!! Fly right in to your face!

    Being buried alive.

    and grizzly bears.

      This. The worst thing is, you could take some immortal/invincible superhero and so long as they don't have super-strength, you can find some way to bind them, then just wrap them up in a steel coffin and sink them into the ocean for until the end of days.

      If you ever get an option for a superpower, don't just go for immortality/invincibility - you need the strength.

    The dark!

    I've never liked scary games for a reason, you never know what lurking in the darkness and it scares the hell out of me. I hear one little movement in the dark and I loose my shit. "This includes in real life aswell". It may be due to all the nightmares I had when I didn't have a lamp or light on when I slept.

    Failure. Money issues. Being dumped. Vegetative states.

    Not death, oddly.

      I need sleep. Read that last one as "Vegemite slates."

      Not exactly sure what it is in slate form but you must really hate the taste of vegemite.

    Cockroaches and government tyranny.

      Ew, I just pictured Tony Abbott in a dress...then I realised you said 'tyranny' and not 'tranny'

      My mistake.

        ^^ i changed my fear to Abbot in a dress. lol


          *Runs and leaves a hole the size and shape of myself in the wall*


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      You just made me think of a world where the cockroaches have taken over and rule the world in an iron grip of tyranny. Not sure if it'd actually be worse the then current system.

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