Some Optus Customers Can't Play The Titanfall Beta

A significant number of Optus customers have been having difficulty accessing the Titanfall beta. Reports from the Whirlpool forums and the official Optus forums state suggest that many are struggling to get past the issue. We've been in contact with Optus with regards to the situation and have been told they are investigating the issue.

Many Optus customers have been unable to get past the 'connecting' screen on the beta, and some are reporting pings above 259.

Stevivor did some investigating on the issue, apparently some Belkin routers were having connectivity issues with regards to the beta, but many Optus users confirmed their issues were separate to that.

We spoke to Optus directly about the issue.

"[W]e’re investigating the issue and have had some of our customer support guys conduct testing and also to try and replicate the issue," an Optus rep told us. "However they haven’t been able to do so.

"From the feedback on WP and My Optus Community, it also seems to be an issue for some Optus customers and not others.

"We’d encourage customers to contact Optus directly on 1300 300 937 and raise a ticket if they are continuing to have an issue, as this will help us to better assist them."

The beta is due to close at some point today, so it may be too late for any real resolution to this issue. Hopefully Optus is able to to fix things before the full release of the game in March.


    A friend of mine has had all sorts of troubles trying to use the VPN to work and to play games on Optus. Eventually he had to change service providers and what do you know - it worked. I have no idea what they do differently but it's a serious issue.

      Optus does some things differently to other ISP's.
      First, they are known to block certain ports which are commonly used for spam and other services similar, additionally [and more importantly in a lot of cases regarding connectivity] they have pretty poor peering agreements with the large networks.
      I won't get into the technicalities of peering here, but in a nutshell good peering means that your data gets to it's destination [and back] through the fastest, least congested route.

      It's like anything though, you get what you pay for. Yes, optus is cheaper than telstra, iinet etc, but they make up those costs by taking the easy route [pun intended] in their backhaul and infrastructure. They also have rather restrictive filtering/blocking policies by default. It's cheaper for them to just lose the [relatively very few] customers that have issues, rather than implement a flexible policy for dealing with it properly.

    Australian internet is perfect. So says our Liberal overlords.

    All hail the Hypno-Liberals.




      Slow internet and now they want to take away the school child bonus......who the hell voted for this Dumbo

        rich people who liked the Idea of a tax break, oh and election was rigged

    Lol what? Belkin router?

    This issue is known since Final Fantasy 14 : ARR. Optus have shit routing to Asia. The routing goes from Australia to Europe and then from Europe goes back to Asia which caused them to have over 300ms.

    Optus international routing is so horrible they need to get it fixed.

    Possible stupid question incoming: How do you see the pings on the Xbox one version of the game?

      When you just launched the game at the window where you choose Play or Option. Bottom right hand side shows the datacentre you are connected to. You can press X to show all server and each of them show their ping.

    You press x at the main menu where it says data center in the bottom right corner

    Yeah I'm on Optus Cable and have barely been able to connect at all during peak periods.

    The congestion just gets too much for them it seems. Really hope MS turns on the Sydney and Melbourne Azure servers soon.

    My internet connection was so slow yesterday i ended up spending time with the wife :|

    Well i was on yesterday for 5 hrs join the "South Asia data center" and was getting 130ms , this was during 7pm-12pm. no issues playing an Im a Optus Cable customer.

    have had some of our customer support guys conduct testing and also to try and replicate the issue... ...However they haven’t been able to do so
    Poor support guys. I'm sure once they were able to connect without issue they still had to do the due diligence of playing a few games to ensure it was all OK.

    I am out of the country and so can't play the beta, however I really sometimes wonder if the lag and disconnects I get in BF4 is related to optus.

    sadly we'll just have to get used to it, as games & DLC's grow larger, we'll just have to wait longer.. Highly doubtful we'll all be on 25mb speeds come 2016; as promised by LNP.

    Stuff Titanfall. What about Skylanders SWAP Force on PS4, where NO Australians can connect to the servers because of some shitty ISP problem that Activision has been 'looking into' for a month with no results...

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