The Bravely Default Live Concert Was So Good It's Ridiculous

The Bravely Default Live Concert Was So Good It's Ridiculous

I haven't seen many performances like this in service of anything, let alone dedicated to the soundtrack for a handheld video game.

And yet here we are, watching a gigantic ensemble that mixes electric guitars, multi-part vocal ensembles and a philharmonic orchestra with pyrotechnics, shred guitarmonies and stage-leaps. And the show is almost entirely dedicated to music from the 3DS role-playing game Bravely Default. I suppose that's what happens when you hire someone like Sound Horizon bandleader Revo to compose the music for your game.

Per the Sound Horizon fansite White Crow, the performance was recorded at Yokohama Arena in November of 2013. In addition to Sound Horizon, the show featured the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Akira Senju. Other standout performances include Takeshi Nishiyama and Yuki's killer duo guitar work, Takashi Asahi on penny whistle and Makoto Hirahara, doing Edea's sax solo proud. And yeah, that's totally Marty Friedman from Megadeth who jumps onstage the battle music medley.

These videos have been online for a while (Bravely Default just came to America this month but has been out in Japan since late 2012), but I was first clued in about it when commenter Nixou shared a clip under a short music post I'd done related to the game.

Since then, I'd seen various clips pop up plenty of places, but I still hadn't gone and watched the entire show, which I did last night. And… uh, wow. If you like Bravely Default or even if you've never played the game and just like awesome performances, you should watch it. Hell, watch it just for Jun-Ji's drumming.

Thanks to YouTuber ベータうpろだ9for uploading and cataloguing the whole thing, which you can also get on DVD through CDJapan or on Amazon Japan. (If anyone knows of any other good ways to get ahold of a copy, I hope you'll sound off in the comments.) The show includes pretty much every composition from the game, with a few other singles from Linked Horizon peppered in throughout.

Watch below, and marvel at the fact that a 3DS game soundtrack inspired a show like this.

Intro - Theme of Linked Horizon

Main Theme - Field Medley

Town Themes - Caldisla, Ancheim, Florem, Grandship and Eisenburg

Battle Medley

"Utsuro na Tsuki no Shita de"

"Hana ga Chiru Sekai" (This one is just beautiful)

Orchestral Medley

Tiz's Battle Theme (Do it, penny whistle player!)

Agnes' Battle Theme

Edea's Battle Theme (a.k.a. The Best Thing)

Ringabel's Battle Theme, feat. Ultimate Rock Accordion Solo

Love in the Crossfire, feat. FLAMES

Final Boss Medley

"Hikari e Mukau" feat. not one but two Penny Whistles


    That first video, That second video. God damnit that battle medley. I honestly don't think my ears can withstand the sheer greatness of the music it's hearing, I'm so glad this concert exists.

      Agreed! If only this would tour the world... TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

    Outstanding!! Imagine if a the Skyrim soundtrack was done to the same extent, mofo-ing dragons and flames!!!

      It would ruin the atmosphere of the world, but at least it wouldn't put me to sleep (sorry Jeremy Soule, but your music is very... uninteresting? forgettable? boring? one of those to me).

    My life has been enriched for having watched this.

    Look up "The Black Mages" on youtube if you haven't seen anything like this before, most of the videos are kind of old and terrible quality (youtube attrition) but it is basically a final fantasy rock band with nobuo uematsu and his son on keyboard

    That looks like every show Nightwish have put on in the last 10 years. Or half as choreographed as a Rammstein show, where the singer is immolated near the end.

    I have the instrumental version of most of these on my phone, now I'm just looking for the ones with lyrics.

    Adore Sound Horizon so it's no surprise this is just as impressive and epic sounding as all their other work

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