The Ocean Has Evaporated In This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

Last week modders showed Los Santos submerged beneath the sea. This week, they'll show you the opposite. Here is Grand Theft Auto V with the ocean removed, leaving behind an almost otherworldly landscape.

Why anyone want that? For starters, it speeds up underwater exploration tremendously (find that submerged UFO in a jiffy!). But also think of it as gaining a huge terrain park for your dirt bikes and ATVs.

NSFW-ish warning: Whoever is playing this is riding around on a dirt bike as a stripper, beginning at the 1:15 mark.

The mod is by Skypilot; it appears to have been developed around the beginning of last month. As, yes, this is a console game, applying the mod requires a jailbroken PlayStation 3.

Here's another view of the mod:


    This is pretty cool, this is the reason i cannot wait for the PC version.

    Wow, amazing detail sitting under water. Wonder if rockstar had planned on something like this happening?

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