Ubisoft Is Discounting Pretty Much All Of Their Games On Steam

It's called 'Ubisoft Weekend' and what it means for you is a whole heap of reduced prices on games. Ubisoft has practically put its whole library on sale.

Rayman Legends is currently 35% off, Far Cry 3 is 35% off, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is 35% off.

And yeah, all the Assassin's Creed games as well are reduced, in addition to every other game Ubisoft has ever released on PC. Pretty awesome little sale.

It runs over the weekend, so plenty of time to peruse and make your choices.


    Black Flags not discounted yet? Waiting for that one... it's the only AC game I don't have on Steam...

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      Yup, I was hoping to find that, but I guess I can settle for Rayman Legends.

    Cheap games that end with "z"? Fuck yeah!

    Only 35% off on most titles is pretty weak imo.

    Anyone from Kotaku used Rocksmith? I am keen to get back into guitar but it has been years since my teenage days of playing.

      I'm slowly using it to learn guitar from scratch. It's good in how it builds up your level in a song but I haven't had a proper sit down session yet where I can fully use the riff repeater or anything like that.

      For bass, I find it extremely easy to just plug in and play a song straight away, but I pick up bass lines a lot quicker than chords on a guitar for some reason :P

      I've played it a little, but haven't picked it up in a long time, not because I don't like it, just that I've got so many games to play. I really should try and make some time for it every day, I can't expect to get any good at it if I only pick it up once every couple of months.

      I'm pretty keen on picking up the 2014 edition. Anyone know if they've got any plans to bring it to Xbone and PS4?

      What axe are you and @cufcfan616 rocking? I've got a blue Ibanez RG 170 DX.


        For guitar I just have the Rocksmith bundle guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul Jnr. I'm wanting at some point to get a Schecter though. Once I've gotten into a groove of practising regularly so I can justify getting another guitar then I'll look into it

        For bass, I really forget what bass I got. I think it was an Ibanez SR200 but not entirely sure.

      Just got 2014. It's 59.99 at jb hifi for Xbox with cable, which is riduculously cheap! Cable alone is 35 most places.


    The Splinter Cell first 4 (?) games for $20 looks tempting to me. Would it be worth it to go for the HD release though?


    (This was my 5,000th comment on Kotaku. Mark it.)

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    Only 35% off most, iv seen better during the big season sales im pretty sure

    35%? Really? I'm not all that amazed. When I see, say, 50+% I'll go "Pretty good". When I see 75% I'll go "Hey, I might buy this" and when I see 90% I go "Sold!"

    And every one requires the installation of UPlay? Pass.

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