Watch Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us Right Here

This is Grounded: Making The Last of Us, an 85-minute documentary that gives us a backstage look at Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed PS3 game. (And Kotaku's 2013 Game of the Year!)

Via Sony, and the film-makers at Area-5, you can watch the whole thing above.


    This is one of, if not the best 'making of' documentaries I have ever seen.

    Only fitting for the best game I've ever played.

    Recommend everyone to watch it, it is truly amazing to see the processes which went into making the last of us. It goes through different areas, from concept art design, to music composition [wow!], to animation and mo-cap. Absolutely fantastic doco,

      agreed on this, watched it a while back but the one thing it gets right, especially in relation to docos on vidya is that every part gets its time on camera and gets enough time that you feel you know a little more about it than you first did. I also love the candidness that druckmann and his crew have about the project.

        Yep me too, easy the best game making of I've seen. Loved the part with Troy Baker describing his preparation for the scene where Joel's daughter is killed. He had this elaborate, emotionally demanding routine that got him into a really dark place, but in the end it wasn't what the scene needed and he had to admit that he was was trying to be a hero actor and impress everyone. He was actually quite modest about it, and it spoke wonders for Druckmann as a director too. It'd be hard to make an actor realise that without denting their pride.

        Also, the fact that many of the infected voices are unprocessed voice actors is terrifying.

    If you're scrolling down to the comments to wonder if you should bother watching it- YOU BEST SCROLL BACK THE HELL UP, cause this docu is amazing.

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