Watch Vin Diesel Playing World Of Warcraft With Paul Walker

We already knew that Vin Diesel had a World of Warcraft past, and now there's direct proof. He just shared a video on his official Facebook page, where he roams around in Tanaris, with the late Paul Walker, back in 2010.

Even Vin Diesel can't escape nostalgia, when it comes to WoW.

Watch Vin Diesel Playing World of Warcraft With Paul Walker

Vin Diesel [Facebook]


    Even Vin Diesel can’t escape nostalgia, when it comes to WoW.

    No, even Vin can't escape nostalgia when it comes to remembering the best personal times he had with his good friend... would've loved to have heard the conversations they had while playing, just to hear what they were like in real life, as opposed to the bro-dudes they play in F&F.

    TIL Vin Diesel and Paul Walker played Horde, and all was right in the world.

      LOL it just wouldn't feel right to find out Vin played as Alliance (the law) would it???

        I don't know. I can almost see Vin as a human paladin.

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