While You Were Sleeping

Hey you, yes you! Time to wake up. Get the coffee/tee/McMuffin. Time to read some news!

The PS4 recently launched in Japan. Yep, roughly three months after we got our hands on Sony's new console, folks in Japan are finally getting their consoles. Want to know what their preferences are, what games they are excited about? Head here.

DayZ is pretty good. Survival in a world full of zombies is interesting. But, like all aspects of life, there is nothing that can't be improved with dinosaurs. I really think it's time for more games to have dinosaurs.

This is cool. This is what happens to your discard iPhones. Very interesting indeed.

This is why Grand Theft Auto V has to happen, and finally someone took Grim Fandango and improved the (now completely out-of-date) controls.

In Short This Is What Happens To Your Discarded iPhone LEGO Grand Theft Auto Needs To Happen Quizzing Japanese PS4 Owners About Games And Console Preferences Hooray, Someone Finally Fixed Grim Fandango Fact: Zombies Are Not As Scary As Dinosaurs


    I'd love to grab a tee too, sadly my office doesnt offer clothes for their workers.

    Haha, McMuffin. I wish!

      I had cornflakes

        Yeh cornflakes is a pretty cool guy. I have to have coffee though, so thered be too much milk going on. Confined to a life of toast.

          I can't do coffee these days.

          Occasionally a tea

            Mhm, mhm *nods while sipping coffee*

              yeeeeeeeeeah *looks around, finds no beverage*

    God dammit daylight savings! I'm looking at all these comments with a posting time of 9:59AM, 10:29AM and 10:51AM. Get out of my future!

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