An Anthropological Study Of DayZ

In DayZ and other survival sandbox games, you don't necessarily have to shoot anything that moves, still — unless you're playing with friends — the chances of being killed on sight are really high.

So here's RE:roll with an in-depth, serious analysis of what might go on in someone's head while playing DayZ.

DayZ: An Anthropological Study [YouTube]


    Mine is usually: Hey, it's a guy! And he's busy looting a corpse! Better get rid of him fast. But then he runs away and I get shot.

    I will openly admit that ever since I started squadding up with friends, I have become a murderous bastard. I used to play it safe and my goal was to simply survive for as long as physically and emotionally possible but now that I’m squadding up, we get gear a lot faster and die a lot less. I’m finding myself becoming a bad person. It all started with our very drastic and sudden change of play style. We decided we would look for encounters instead of stumbling upon them. We would start off by running through big towns and cities and drawing attention to ourselves and once we found a player or a few, we would start messing around with them a bit. Trying to recruit them to some strange cult, asking strange and ridiculous requests, selling them fake drugs (alkaline Batteries) and any method we could utilise to creep out the poor player. This usually went down in one of two ways. 1. The guy would be cool and we set him off on his way or 2. Something seems off or goes wrong, we feel threatened, tension turns to violence and we end up going on a city wide massacre to feel safe again. I went from being a lone ghost, surviving on my lack of player interaction to a wild huntsman who preys on the weak and scared. It all comes down to the fact that you can't trust anyone and trusting someone or even accepting their presence can be the swift and painful death of you.

    Man this game sounds good....cant wait the Xbox one version

    i would love to see the dalai lama play and get 'a little bit kill-y'! :D

    I havent kosed yet and every person iv met has been friendly even if were both kitted out.But that may change.

    Ii offered to trade a guy everything I had for his shirt to use as bandages- he traded and he used my axe on my face while I bandaged myself- I blame myself

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