Dark Souls II's Launch Trailer Is All About Death

Death is just about the only constant in Dark Souls, but it's the only way you'll learn, the only way you'll progress. In Dark Souls death is a powerful ally. Dark Souls II, if this launch trailer is anything to go by, is no different.

"You will die, that much is certain," is the first word spoken in this trailer, which I actually love.

I have a copy of Dark Souls in my Xbox 360 right this very second, but real life, with all its totally rubbish commitments has conspired against me. This trailer is a pretty good reason for me to chuck a sickie right now and go home and play.


    Have you played it yet Mark? I played at BN's HQ a few nightsgo a and was really impressed, although being a 'party' it wasn't really the ideal environment to tuck in to the nitty gritty of a Dark Souls game. Either way, this is the game I'm looking forward to getting on Thursday.

    So @markserrels - You've had the opportunity to play this already. What's your high level verdict so far? :)

    (I do not believe in your real-life based excuses!)

    Whoever Is choosing the music for these trailers has lost there shit.

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