There Is A New Dark Souls II Trailer. Pfft, This Game's Gonna Be Easy...

Some of the bosses shown. Dear God oh Jesus.

I don't know if Dark Souls II, or any game made by From Software for that matter, really tend to work well in trailers. It's hardly a game able to show its appeal within two hours, let alone two minutes. But still, those that love the series might want to check out the above trailer. Which mixes actual shot, in-real-life footage, with some new stuff from the game itself.

For some reason I just trust that Dark Souls II is going to be good, and that I'm going to want to play it. Actually, I think it might be worthwhile playing through (and finally finishing) the original Dark Souls in time for the release.


    My moment of shame...

    I've owned Dark Souls on the PS3...

    I own it on the PC...

    I've never bothered playing it much.

    Am I a bad person? :(

      If you have a corded 360 controller then yes you are a bad person.

      Playing it with KB and mouse is a bit tricky though.

      The PC version with mods is the bomb diggety. The console versions are a bag of asses. Im looking at you blight town frame drops.

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        I.... have a controller.... *runs* lol

        Now my assignments are over I shall start playing as of today I promise!

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          PC version with mods is definitely the way to go.

          You owe it to yourself to play it sir.

            Suggestion on the best mods? Already got the hi res textures going.

              You probably want the resolution fix and possibly the multiplayer fix if you plan to play with friends at all.

              That's all you need in my opinion. Unlock the resolution, don't touch the frame rate (last time I checked, it slightly messed with the timing of some things and that's not okay in my book).

              Edit: Oh you said high res textures, I don't know about them, I thought you meant the DSFix which unlocks the screen resolution - that's a must have.

              A wired 360 controller, DSFix, and an open heart, that's all you need to begin your journey.

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              DSFix is the only real must get imo, primarily for upping the resolution to something reasonable. Just leave the frame rate fixed otherwise there are some animation issues/ falling through ladders.

              Anything beyond that is up to you, but none of it is really necessary to play. As has been suggested there are some mods for multiplayer, but if all you want to do is survive through the game once I wouldn't worry too much.

                Only losers don't unlock the frame rate, randomly falling through the world is part of what gives this game its challenge.

              Also, tell the giant vagina dragon I said hi. o/

    Arg! 4 minutes late and video removed by user!

    This isn't like Call of Duty. You can't just show running marines in front of an explosion and get all the Dudebros and kids going "Yeah! This game is going to be as awesome as Transformers!".

    Dark Souls isn't a game you "get" right away. It's a game you learn. It's a game you persevere through.
    You enter the room and Dark Souls kicks you to the ground. He looms over and demands that you get back up. Not to knock you down again and humiliate you. But because you both know that you can and will beat him.

      You enter the room and Dark Souls kicks you to the ground. He looms over and demands that you get back up. Not to knock you down again and humiliate you. But because you both know that you can and will beat him.This is the most inspirational shit I've ever read...

      I don't even own the game, but now I freaking want to!

    is this it?

      That must be it.

      Wow, I love the look of the game, but when it transitions from the beautiful photo-real cinematic footage into the actual game footage, it's quite a shock. Can't wait for games to look like that. (yes yes, I love the gameplay, but I am also a graphics whore).

    I know it's in the cinematic part at the beginning and not the actual gameplay, but I hope they have a dark area with rain and lightning, and invisible/near-invisible enemies that you can only see when the lightning flashes, or if they disturb the water. The snow footprints fight was so cool in the first.

    *PC release date to be announced..... so over this bullshit

    Some of the bosses shown? they were all regular enemies i'm sure. :P

    Shouldnt that be "Til this frail hope shatters?"

    I beat the first boss in Demon's Souls after getting it free with PS+, it was pretty rad but I got the feeling it's the sort of thing you need to keep the wiki close at hand at all times if you want to finish it, which is offputting since I like just "playing". Not sure if I'll go back to it...

    They need to work on their sound mixing and balancing, it was very ear destroying at the end there. Although, that is the Dark Souls way. Those spiders scare he crap out of me. I'm going to be screaming like a little girl during that part. Knowing how DaSo feeds on your fears though, I'm sure they're always there, watching, waiting.

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