Dear Gabe Newell, You Owe Us An AMA On Reddit!

You might remember that Gabe Newell was found totally posting on Reddit without anyone noticing. You might also remember that Gabe Newell promised he would do a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) if a charity he was involved with reached $500,000 in donations. Well, that moment has now come. So Gabe, if you please, make with the Reddit AMA!

If you head to the official website of The Heart Of Racing, you'll see that the charity has actually hit $500,000 in donations. Which is great for the basic fact that donations go towards pediatric care, but let's face facts, we all want that Gabe Newell Ask Me Anything, and there is a good chance it will now happen.

The sheer volume of Half Life 3 questions may just tear a hole in the space time continuum. The internet is over. It was good while it lasted.


    Gee, I wonder what the first 333 questions are going to be about...

      Honestly I hope it is just non stop flood of Half Life 3 questions till were satisfied.

      All he has to say is "yes it is in development, we aren't ready to show you anything until it's ready" that will stop it all. People just want a confirmation that Valve plans on making it.

        Hah. Yes, but what about the (to my mind) extremely likely possibility that that isn't true? How will people react to a 'no'? Will they believe it, even if it's stated as plainly as possible?

          I don't see how that's even remotely likely. If it weren't in development, they'd say "it's not currently in development". Silence clearly indicates that it is currently in development, but that there's no firm release date as they're not sure when it will be ready, probably due to shifting goalposts based on external and internal expectations.

    this article is presented in 3 paragraphs ... HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED

    The article has 3 paragraphs...

    Half Li-... Ah... Screw it.

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      Today is the third of the third... ah whatever.

    This Half-Life 3 thing sounds familiar, but something in the back of my mind suggests it's been far too long for me to recall anything about it...

    I hope he talks about the next halo game they are working on

    He's dead to me. Making jokes every time fans have asked him about Half Life for years just seems like a dick move.

    I'm really not seeing that much solid proof that this was even Gabe Newell. The photo has some pretty odd angles going on and the Facebook page only has 6 photos. All of which relate to the charity event.

    That photo is just begging to be cut up so you can slap Gabes head on everything.

    I think more amusing than the implication of the flood of HL3 questions is if one considers that he didn't say WHEN he will do the AMA. The AMA itself could end up like HL3.

    I would love for him to say that Valve has decided to stop producing video games and focus solely on Steam and Steam OS. It would break the internet and be hilarious.

    The question on everyone's mind is:
    Is Portal/Left 4 Dead/Half Life 3 in development?

    Valve - we used to make games, now we make money.

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