Reddit: We Don't Know Where Gabe Newell Is...

This morning Gabe Newell was set to take part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Gabe initially posted an announcement thread, and people posted questions in there. Reddit mods weren't too happy with that, and began deleting comments, with the hope that Gabe Newell would set up a new Reddit thread when the time came, but that hasn't happened yet. And no-one at Reddit knows what the hell is happening.

In an update posted on the AMA subreddit, the Reddit mods stated the following:

Hey everyone: just wanted to give you an update on the status of Gabe Newell's AMA.
Earlier this morning, he posted an announcement saying that he was planning to host an AMA later this afternoon (4 pm EST, 1 pm PST). The moderators responded with information about how to submit his AMA when the time comes, which we normally do with announcement posts. The thread was then locked the thread (disallowed new coments) and removed all other comments so that this information would be the only thing visible, making it easier for him to find.
Unfortunately, since then, no one has heard from Mr. Newell. We've been constantly monitoring his Reddit account, and the admins have reached out through their contacts at Valve. But unfortunately, after an hour of waiting, we have been unable to confirm anything. It is possible that he intended to answer on a different date (which does occassionally happen sometimes).
We'll keep you all up to date, but we know this was anticipated so we wanted to make sure you know what happened. When we do get in touch with him, he will either create a new AMA, or possibly will be added to our calendar, so keep an eye out both there and the /new queue. Just to be clear: there is no indication that the AMA is cancelled; just that we don't know when he plans to actually come answer questions.
Thank you all for your patience, and we're all looking forward to this AMA.

Hopefully the AMA will still go ahead. We'll update when we hear anything further.


    I'll happen when it happens. Meanwhile, maybe you'd like some other AMAs say from the director of Summer sales, or this guy in the office who makes really good coffee?

      at least Gabe is fine

      THe bait click headline made me think our lord was missing and presumed dead

    Obligatory Half-Life 3 comment.

    Last edited 04/03/14 9:26 am

    He is stuck In the line for Krispy Kremes...

    AMA later this afternoon (4 pm EST, 1 pm PST)

    4 - 1 = 3

    Half Life 3 confirmed


    Posted on 9:15 AM

    9 - (1 + 5) = 3

    Half Life 3 confirmed again.

    Last edited 04/03/14 9:44 am

      Math: It never lies. Can't wait to play this game! I assume as it didn't come out yesterday (3/3) it'll be out 3rd of March last year - because time travel.

      Pretty sure we'll see L4D3 before HL3.

        HL3, L4D3, and Portal 3 will all be the same game. You'll play it through 3 times, in order and see yourself playing through the previous versions by an AI that learns your play style and replicates it so you can team up with a party consisting of just yourself, yourself and yourself. #CalledIt

    did reddit look behind their couch?? cause thats where I look if I can't find something......

    Simple mistake, they forgot to convert 4 pm EST into Valve-Time, which is actualy 3 months from now.

    While we wait

    If we're looking for Half Life 3 parallels, I'm just disappointed that he set a time for it. He should have said "soon", then media silence... for ten years and counting...

    It's pretty simple really, Valve will never confirm HL3 because they hate money. It's so obvious.

      It's a weird situation, in that Valve are making so much money from Steam, there's not a huge financial incentive to actually make games any more. They can still make a heap of money from their own games, but compared to the revenue generated by Steam it just looks like a rounding error.

      It makes me think about Blizzard's situation with Diablo 3. World of Warcraft was generating such immense profits, it didn't make financial sense to get x number of developers to work on another franchise unless they can find a way to make that game have a similar earnings potential by introducing some extra monitization system, which I think is why they attempted the failure that was the Real Money Auction House.

      Valve are different than Activision/Blizzard though, in that the impossibility of any game they release to become a significant revenue stream isn't a negative thing that holds them back, but rather a liberating thing that allows them the time to polish their products. But that also leads to Valve time when the expectations are high.

        That's a really well thought out response to my sarcastic post.

        Steam is an absolute monster and I agree with you 100%.

    HL3 is too over-hyped by the masses for it to ever meet expectationnnnnnns

      Exactly. We're right in Duke Nukem Forever territory now.

    Of course it is the third of the third, (3/3) over there in US Land, so there is no way Gabe will show.

    Everyone knows that time works differently for Valve, thus Valve Time

    Wh3r3 is Gab3?

      Gabe isn't coming because this was never the real Gabe.

    I've been waiting for this.

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