Help A Man Build A 300-Foot Water Slide In The Middle Of A Road

Help A Man Build A 300-Foot Water Slide In The Middle Of A Road

Artist Luke Jerram wants to build a 300-foot-long slip-and-slide right down the middle of a street in Bristol, England. That is God's work you are doing, Luke.

It might seem absurd, but it actually has a shot of happening: being a slip-and-slide, all they'd need would be some tarps and a hose (OK, maybe a bit more), and Jerram says he'd only need the street for one day in May.

The reason? It would allow "people to see their city in a new light", and serve as "a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape".

Plus, you know, it's a giant water slide.

The road in question, Park Street, is on a hill, and its steep incline has led to its prior use for stuff like soapbox racing. So there's precedent for wacky stuff like this.

He's after £5,622, and has raised just over £3,000 at time of posting.

Park and Slide[Spacehive, via Fast Company]


    Heh, imagine doing that on the streets of San Francisco

    I do wonder why the guys are fully dressed going down that? Because asphalt maybe?

      I think because England, and an odd attachment to their extremities =p

    Holy crap people are asking for our hard earned money for total sh*t. If anyone seriously has enough spare money to waste on this guys endevour don't you think it would be better off going towards something worthythat aactually.benefits mankind.

    Sick of all this kick starter stuff going on, sell a finished.product to the consumer, not an idea.

      Finished products cost money.

      As for benefiting mankind, you could ask whether the videogames you play benefit mankind? Wouldn't the money spent on AAA titles be better spent on furthering mankind?

      Sometimes people just want to do things that are fun, even things that some people would consider "total shit".

      Yeah, why the hell would the banks give loans to someone who wants to build a house. Build your house first, then get a loan. Gosh.

      Yeah! DOWN WITH IDEAS, who needs them?! We are just consumers! We need products!!!

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