How Solid Snake And Big Boss Have Changed Over 27 Years

How Solid Snake And Big Boss Have Changed Over 27 Years

It took 27 years and a lot of plot twists for the main character of the Metal Gear series — whether it’s Big Boss or Solid Snake — to become something more than just a bunch of pixels or polygons.

Here’s a cool, lengthy infographic from Halloween Costumes, lining up all the main games, and in-game models from 1987’s Metal Gear for the NES to the latest entry, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Metal Gear Solid: Skin Shedder Infographic [Halloween Costumes]


  • For MGS1 what the hell is it going on about when it says ‘not wanting to resemble his rogue counterpart snake lost the mullet…’ He didn’t even know about liquid being his brother till the end. And I’d they mean kojima ditched the mullet for that reason they’re even more wrong, considering liquid and solid use the same character model (albeit this is hard to tell considering the graphics at the time).

    And snake isn’t ageing rapidly because of Foxdie, it’s because he was specifically created that way so he couldn’t be used as a weapon forever. Liquid would have aged the same. The only relationship between foxdie and the rapid ageing is that foxdie is deteriorating as well essentially turning snake into a contagious disease carrier.

    • If you watch the pre-mission briefing cutscenes from the main menu in MGS1 there’s a part where they specifically talk about altering his appearance in order to distinguish him from Liquid (even to the extent of dying his hair a different shade). Of course, you’d think it’d be beneficial to be mistaken for the man in charge of the whole operation…

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