JB Hi-Fi Couldn't Get An In-Store Titanfall Display... So They Built Their Own

And it's gloriously amazing/terrible.

JB Hi-Fi is well know for its brilliant in-store reviews, but now they've stepped things up a notch, creating an entire in-store Titanfall display from something that can only be described as stuff. I just love this to death. It's clearly a bunch of boxes covered in tinfoil, but I don't even care. It's just the best.

If you're reading and you had a hand in building this please get in contact! You deserve fame and fortune!


    This is the best. It's like the old Gamesmen in-store displays... except really shoddy.

      @pokedad - It was worth registering for the comments section just to say thank you for remembering our old displays :D legendary

        I noticed you guys still make them. So great to see.

        I don't buy many physical copies of things anymore, but when I do, I go to you guys. I bought my N64 from you. I bought my Gameboy Brick from you. I bought pre-cd adventure games form you guys.

        And it was worth logging in just to upvote you.

    A thing of beauty, right there.

    I did not want Titanfall, but now I want Titanfall.

      I did want Titanfall, now I want that Titanfall!

        I dont want Titanfall but I would change my mind if it looked like that!

          Just play the minecraft version.

        I did want Titanfall, now I want that Titanfoil!

    Oh god please let this be westlakes in adelaide
    Im off to check lol

    This.... Is one of the BEST damn things i have ever seen in a shop window.
    I especially love the little touch of the nerf vortex missile!

    I'd like that if i could actually play Titanfall.
    Damned Optus!

    Looks like the Watergardens JB in Victoria to me. But lets be honest, a lot of the JB stores have very generic store fronts so it could be another one somewhere in Australia

    Whoever made it deserves a raise...up to minimum wage!

      Whoever made is deserves to be treated like a human being.

        Nah, they're in retail. You sign that away as part of your orientation paperwork stuff.

        Granted, JB seems like it would be one of the better places to serve out your sentence in retail hell, but it's still retail.

        Congratulations on your promotion to regional manager, in addition to the 10% pay raise and company car, you are now authorised to consume people food!! But only the cheap stuff with weird names from Aldi.

        Last edited 18/03/14 12:15 pm

    They should make those designs as DLC skins. I'm sure everybody would buy them.

    That storefront looks vaguely like DFO South Wharf in Victoria...

    I wish I knew which store this was.

    Seriously though - does EB have exclusive rights to official promotional materials or something, because no other outlet has the normal displays for a big release.

    I always love seeing the hodge-podge stuff that JBHIFI do, it makes it feel like a store manned by humans that really care and yet don't care.


    That's an almost Blue Peter level of enthusiasm and crappiness. Very impressive.

    Thanks for taking my picture and not crediting me. Stolen from my Reddit post. @sshat

    I'm not sure if anyone will see this as this post is 3 years old but this is at JB Hifi LynnMall in Auckland,NZ made by our very own Ryan who still works here!

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