Lady Gaga Loves Minecraft

Lady Gaga Loves Minecraft

Lady Gaga has a wide range of interests — like being vomited on, for example. She's also a Minecraft fan, judging from her latest music video for G.U.Y — a single off her latest album, Artpop.

The GIF above is a sliver of a scene where Gaga uses Minecraft to, uh, revive Michael Jackson, Jesus, and Gandhi. Because video games, I guess. You can watch this bizarre scene unfold at about the 5:20 mark in the music video:

You might also note that the person who does the...hacking, I guess? Well anyway, he's mega-popular YouTube star, Sky Does Minecraft — and he's wearing Gunnar Optiks, the special eyewear designed to reduce eye strain while playing video games.

Of course, a cameo + Minecraft appearance like this may not be surprising to some of you, given that Lady Gaga has not only included video game references in previous videos — Bad Romance famously includes Wii nunchucks — but she's also tweeted about Minecraft before:

My friend @gunnarsJEM found this its #DOPE — — -> Born This Way #MINECRAFT Parody is aces. Still dusting my craftskilz

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) January 22, 2014

I wonder what else she plays?

(Via Daily Dot)


    Wow! Minecraft! How kooky and totally off the wall! The more cynical amongst us would suggest that it's solely there to strengthen the artist's accessibility to her fanbase, but not me. I think she plays Minecraft a lot, and is good at it, and that she thought this up herself.

      I wouldn't be surprised if she did as alot of celebrities play or used to play World of Warcraft

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