Ruining Dark Souls II Is Funnier Than It Should Be

Ruining Dark Souls II Is Funnier Than It Should Be

Dark Souls II has a lot of changes in it, and watching fans try to parse them out on YouTube is always a fascinating process. But what would happen if the game was so different it was utterly ruined? Hilarity, that's what.

I'll admit — I'm currently halfway through my second play through of Dark Souls II and I've never heard of any of these features. Not a single one. I mean, it's not like I missed the coconut, but I really should have picked up on at least a couple of these when I was reviewing the game .

Casual Souls 2 - Mechanics You HAVEN'T Heard About (H/T commenter Zombrero)


    Pfft, the first game was better. Dark Souls 2 was dumbed down for the casual audience that will forget the game within a week and go back to Call of Duty.


    ^^ Obvious troll is obvious. All those sales and reviews MUST be fraudulent huh? Troll someone in real life instead of hiding behind your little computer screen buddy.

    Neo, DS2 is harder by all accounts than DS. No one who has played it, even for 5 hours would say it's dumbed down. You blow, praise the sun.

    demon's souls is still my favorite

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