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    A tweet from Rolling Stone:

    #12YearsASlave's #Oscars win makes it the first time a film by an African-American has won Best Picture in its entire 86-year history.

    One problem: Director Steve McQueen is black, but he's not African American.

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      Don't be silly, every black person is African American.

    Anyone up to scratch on their Marvel/DC trivia?

    I'm watching Arrow atm, and (somehow only now) it's occured to me that Slade Wilson sounds a hell of a lot like Wade Wilson... both are fond of explosives and swords, only the latter is completely mental and OTT, and almost appears to be a parody of the former... According to Wikipedia Deadpool was introduced to the Marvel Universe 11 years after Deathstroke... anyone know if there's anything behind this, or am I just conjuring conspiracy theories?

      Deadpool was based on Deathstroke in the same way DC based Lobo on Wolverine.

      It's even in the name. I believe it went something like this:
      Q: Where do you do the Deathstroke?
      A: In the Deadpool.

      So yes. You're right in your assumption.

        Lobo was based on Wolverine? I can kinda see the whole immortality thing but everything else seems a few too many shades apart to say that Lobo was based on Wolverine.

          I think the idea was to take that grizzled, hard drinking anti hero archtype that Wolverine fits into and take it to the extreme.

          I don't know if that's the true influence for the character, I've just read it from more than one resource (though not that that means much on the net).

          according to the creator of Lobo
          "I have no idea why Lobo took off... I came up with him as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine hero prototype, and somehow he caught on as the high violence poster boy. Go figure."

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      Arrow is so great

        Really? I've been ignoring it because I heard it was shit. But I can't remember where I heard this, so it may be I was in bad company at the time.

          It started really poorly. I gave up after a few episodes because it felt like a gritty Smallville.

          I was surprised to see that there's a second season but people say that it's picked up.

          Started rough, got pretty good after about ep 7. It's consistently enjoyable.

            I'm on episode 17 I think, and it is getting better I'd say.

    Oh lord, my eyes feel like they're being slowly burnt out of their sockets.
    Totally worth it though :D

      Have you made a bet that you can stare at the sun longer than someone else?

    I made the mistake of drunkenly looking up at the foam machine to try and see how the foam was made... several times :3
    It buuuuuuurns!

      Oh lordy, uni computers suck. That wasn't a reply fail to @aliasalpha above, that was pretty crappy computers doing what they do best (that and Internet Explorer). This will probably be a new post as well, even though I clicked reply...

        You're drunk again. Go home.

          I was pretty drunk last night, not gonna lie about it.
          I am sober enough now to recall somebody mentioning that they were going to "throw the gauntlet through their neighbours window", or something along those lines.
          How did that go by the way? :P

            it went well, a bit of TAY digging can unearth up a fairly eligible drunk post.

    Does anyone have Doctor Luigi on the wiiU?

    So repost from a few pages back:

    Anyone know what's happened to Agents Of Shield?
    I can't find it on 7, I've checked the whole week. It looks like it's been replaced by something else, but I can't find it anywhere.
    Annoying since we got half of Season 1 cut of because of the Tennis, had 2 episodes, and now it looks like there's no more episodes. America's probably nearly at the end of Season 2 by now.

    And people wonder why Australians pirate.

      7 will remove shows with no prior notice if they're not doing as well as they thought they would. It is terribly frustrating.

      It might be on it's mid-season break (some weird thing American shows do), that may be why it is no longer on. That or the first season is over. Some new shows run short first seasons mainly to gauge popularity, so that they don't blow thier budget on 15 - 26 episodes of a show that is not as popular as they thought it would be.

      That, or you know, Google is a thing...

        Tried Google, found nothing :P
        It's definately got more episodes that have been shown in America.
        Wikipedia says that there's 15 episodes, the next one that would have been shown was episode 12.

    i've already thrown this out there on twitter & fb, but its such a cool idea, i'm gonna put it here too.

    SBS are streaming 100 films for free throughout March. some really good stuff there.

    hit that shit up.

      Frank (a riveting Kim Bodnia) loses control of his most ambitious trafficking scheme yet; Balkan heavyweight Milo (Zlatki Buric) is flexing his muscle, threatening to take a pound of flesh for each kilo owed to him.

      Thank god for the remnants of the imperial weight system eh? Could be kilo for kilo...

      Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced is one of my favourite comedies of all time.

      All of the Three Colours trilogy is there, as is the Swedish Let The Right One In.

      A lot of the rest look like the sort of movies SBS used to put on at 10pm on Saturdays as Cult Movies. Always a good sign that.

      Hmm I always wanted to watch Nikita.

    Saw Wolf of WallStreet.
    S'alright, though it did drag at parts.
    The copious amounts of nudity and drugs more than made up for it, though. ;).

      Nah, it's still shit. Do yourself a favour and check out Scorsese's classics such as Goodfellas, Departed and Casino, if you haven't already.

        It was a debaucherous black comedy about debauchery. I don't care if autocorrect says that debaucherous isn't a word, it is.

        I liked it because it completely nailed the tone it was going for. Also because Popeye.

          I liked the Drunkest Guy in the World / Crashed Lambo bit. And Margot Robbie.

    Why is it that every time I look at my list of games, I can automatically find a reason why I don't want to play it...
    It's infuriating!

    the hardest thing about Dark Souls is how it fucking crashes 9 out of 10 times I run it. & the 10th time, it doesn't save my progress.

    Hurry up Dark Souls 2, & please don't be as shit.

      Imagine it having a mode where it deletes your save file when you die...

        thats nothing. i'm playing a mode that deletes your save when you start up

    Just when I thought I could sit down and do some recording of Tekken 3, the emulator decides to screw itself. :(

    Alright my Soundwave 2014 report!
    I'll keep this short.

    Sierra - Went to support the local band/friends, who while i'm not the biggest fan of their music, absolutely stomped their performance.

    Real Friends - Got surprisingly hectic, so i got my mosh on early \o/

    The Story So Far - Just as good as last time i saw them, i lost my voice and my wallet here.

    Zebrahead - Probably my favourite set all day, they got a fan who took them sportsballing the day before to come up on stage and have a drinking comp with them and then he got to stay on stage drinking for the whole set. They played all the songs i wanted.
    And i caught one of the drumsticks when the drummer threw them! \o/

    A Day to Remember - I went as hard as i could while looking after my precious drumstick. Jeremy got in the hamster ball, crowd surfers surfing crowd surfers and they played 'Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail' so i was happy.

    Green Day - The crowd was really getting into Bohemian Rhapsody which was playing before Green Day got on stage, which was awesome. As for Green Day themselves, it may as well been a concert. 3 hours is a long time and so much happened during it that i'm struggling to remember parts, but it was everything even the slightest of fans could have ever wanted from them. Most of the set was Dookie and American Idiot. So yeah!
    Oh and apart from the on-stage antics and Billie bringing people on stage, the crowd hoisted this girl in a wheelchair up and carried her right up front and close so she had the best seat in the house!

    But yeah i still get pretty high on adrenalin thinking about the day even now, it was just great in every way (besides losing my wallet) and so much better than last year.

    Serious question time.
    Since I am going to uni and currently have a HECS debt accumulating, this debt slowly gets paid off after I have completed university and am earning over "$X" income, right?
    My employee is taxing me roughly 28% on my income however, because I have a HECS debt, although as far as I am aware this additional tax does not actually go towards paying off my debt, since I'm fairly sure I'm not earning over the HECS debt taxable threshold.
    It's not exactly a high paying job or anything, I work at a f***ing supermarket for Christs sake (and I'm already contemplating quitting!)
    Does this seem right (since I've never been to uni or had a HECS debt before and don't know what the norm is), or is this a bit dodgy, cause it sounds a bit dodgy to me, and you guys are the smartest* people I know...

    *Oldest (on average :P). What, older people are supposed to be smart, right?!

        Thanks heaps!
        That only confirms though that I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be repaying it at all, cause I don't earn close to $1000 a week :\
        What's the standard income tax rate, if anyone knows?

            Thank you so much!
            You're actually a life saver!
            All this tax stuff goes right over my head :S
            I miss being a child :'(

      If you end up paying too much tax, you get it back at mid-year anyway. Not really worth stressing over. You might even get it all back, depending on how much you earn in the year.

      Seconding what others have said, as I only just figured out the ins and outs of this (I just busted the threshold, four years after finishing uni. Go semi-useless degree).

      Your tax rate WILL be higher than the average joe while you have hex debt. You will have extra removed from your pay packet every fortnight.

      Come the end of the financial year, one of three things will happen:
      1. You have not met the threshold. You get a tonne back, as the HECS/HELP/WHATEVER gets paid back to you, then they calculate whether your ordinary level tax needs to be paid back.

      2. You meet or exceed the threshold. Your tax return aside from a measly little sum (mine was $80) is taken off your debt.

      3. You meet or exceed the threshold and your HECS/HELP is paid off in full (it'll take a damn awful time) and they will return the extra tax they took out to give back to you in your return, and your tax level will drop back to the usual level for somebody who does not have a debt.

      Now for the scary bit: The government is looking at introducing interest on your uni debt, so once that is confirmed, everyone should pay as quickly as humanely possible through extra payments.

        Is that interest in lieu of the indexing that currently applies, or on top of it? Because that's just punitive (and is something that not even banks can get away with).

        Last edited 04/03/14 9:53 am

          Unfortunately yes. At the moment it's adjusted per CPI so it's kind of Interest, at a very low level.

          The government wants to up that to a higher interest level. :(
          And it doesn't matter that the banks can't get away with it, it's the Government. They can get away with what they want. No partisan politics, just an observation of the facts - the Govt. can legislate their way to what they want, unlike the banks.

            As long as it's not interest on top of indexing. That shit would compound like crazy.

              Obligatory Einstein quote here.
              I hope not either. That would make me a very poor, sad panda.
              As in, I'll only be able to afford to eat bamboo, will have to live in a forest and probably be too depressed to shag anything.

    Just finished performing the second of two consecutive NAND dumps, starting afresh for each one. Both came up with the same MD5.

    I am pleased.

    DARK SOULS 2 \o/

    The big news today: A PC release date has appeared on marketing material, but Namco is pretending that the date hasn't yet been confirmed. And that date is...
    APRIL 25

    Other news:
    Another explanation of accessibility in Dark Souls 2.
    Essentially there will be more tutorials, and movement will feel more intuitive because it's motion-captured rather than hand-animated.

    Wooooooooooooo! Ten days!

      I think the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster is out the week after Dark Souls, which is good because I'll be able to use it as therapy when Dark Souls 2 gets too intense.

      DARK SOULS 2 \o/

      damn master race being slow & stuff. :'(

      Hey, cool. I can definitely wait until then for a PC version! Great news!

        Let's hope it ends up being legit. The picture is a bit suspect (see typo: "Black Amour edition")

          a·mour [uh-moor]
          1. a love affair.
          2. an illicit or secret love affair.

          Dark Souls 2 is set during the 60s, and deals with the love affair between an undead black man and a wealthy white necrophiliac. Overcome prejudice and fight in the name of love!

      I still can't get in to Dark Souls for some reason. Parts of it I love, but so much other stuff is mediocre for me. I'm hoping Dark Souls 2 will be a more refined game, especially with the promise that the PC version will be done well and not tacked on after a vote :P

        Master Race bitchiness?

          It wasn't just that it was a bad port. Hell, I don't hold it against them at all, they flat-out stated it would be. It's amazing it made it to PC at all.
          I have a number of issues with the game that I've learned to not elaborate on because everyone jumps down my throat, but I think my biggest issue was being over-hyped by others and it really coloured my opinion of the game.

      So given that its on gamespot, would that be 25th in America and thus the 26th here?

      Because that may be the bestest ever birthday present ever...

    Finally... It is Done.

    My only platinum trophy on the PS3.

    Now I am free!

      You have ten days of freedom. Spend them wisely.

      Also, congrats, man! Huge achievement. BLO-BLOOOP.

      Man, it took me nearly 3 years and several hundred hours to get that.

      Granted I didn't try for it until a week or so ago but still.

        Freeze was my inspiration!
        I normally don't pay attention to trophies, usually because there's bullshit multiplayer things in there.

      Well done. That's dedicated gaming, right there.

    Youngest just pulled a toy pony from her nappy and proudly announced that it was a Poo-ny.

      Awww, that's awesome. My kids tell me to stop joking, because it's not funny. /o\

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    Up to end game on Tomb Raider: Malibu Stacey Edition. I've gone back to find some more collectibles so I can level up a bit more.

    Powerful movie/game scenes that made you cry: GO!

    Okay I'll start. The Toy Story 3 end scene where Andy gives away his box of toys. Also, for bonus points: the ending of Skyward Sword.

      Six Feet Under: ending.
      Toy Story 3: ending.
      Metal Gear Solid 3: ending.
      The Shield: ending.
      The Walking Dead game Season 1: ending.

      Noticing a theme here?
      No, me neither.

        You reminded me of one: Fringe series ending. Yeah, I'm not noticing anything either.

      The scene in The Hunger Games when Rue dies. I don't often cry or even tear up at movies or games, but for some reason that scene it me hard, even though I knew it was coming.

      Senna: Seeing the vision at San Marino and you see his car go into the wall... I fucking teared up big time.. :`(

        I'll admit I totally started crying during the opening credits of Senna.

      Man on Wire.

      Not super spoilery, given it's the premise of the film

      Near the end, when it's just him, strung between the World Trade Centre towers.

      Not a movie but:
      The ending to the Jurassic Bark episode from Futurama. D=

      Also the fact that no one has mentioned the start of Up makes me realise you are all horrible people.


        Also, the "Philip J Fry" episode gets me feeling the feels.

          The Late Philip J Fry?
          Same here.

            Nono, the episode which is about Fry's relationship with his brother.

      White Fang... EVERY.GOD.DAMN.TIME

        I'm so close to finishing that book for the second time. A great read.

          I didn't even know there was a book as a kid... just watched the disney movie and tears were streaming... it wasn't until years later that i got around to read the book and it is pretty damn amazing

      - Mass Effect 3
      Mordin's death
      - To the Moon - the ending
      - Beyond : Two souls - the ending

      Big fish - especially this exchange from the end (paraphrased) :

      Dad : Tell me how it happens.
      Son : How what happens?
      Dad : How I die.
      Son : I don't know that story, dad. ....Help me tell it. How does it start?
      Dad : *weakly* this.

      Six feet under
      Doctor Who (those regeneration scenes, man...)

      Saw Forrest Gump again not too long ago. That one hit a little too close to home this time.

      Grim Fandango
      The ending Poor Glottis

      Mass Effect 3
      Mordin's Death
      Thane's Death & Funeral
      Last goodbye to Garrus (I love that scaly bastard!)

      Do tears of frustration and rage count? If so, I'll add when uplay broke my Trials Evolution save & robbed me of the platinum medal I rightfully earned on Gigatrack. 208th in the (pc) world and apparently I only have a pissing gold...

        Those three Mass Effect 3 scenes. Especially the second one, that really got me. :(

      For some reason, I am not one to cry from sad things in media. Yet I can be brought to tears very easily due to anger or pain. Here is my list:

      Definitely cried
      Arby n the Chief ending. (No spoilers)
      I watched the ending. I felt hollow and dead inside. For the next three hours, I tried to go on with my life. But the ending kept gnawing at me. I broke down and re-watched the ending. Only then did I cry.
      These characters that I watched for years just... killed themselves. For years, I shared their happiness, I shared their pain. The fact that the credits were nothing but sirens really hammered the fact that, yes, THEY ARE DEAD.
      Arbiter is one of the most fascinating characters I have observed in media. I watched him struggle through life, and in the end I accepted and supported his decision.

      Probably cried
      Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness Ending - I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
      What can I say that I haven't already said? I have made multiple comments raving about this game. Greenius has Xenoblade, I have Mystery Dungeon. Ignore Metacritic, this game is fucking fantastic. Also the part where
      Grovyle sacrifices himself was heart-wrenching. GROOOOOOVYYYYYLE! Easily my 3rd favourite character in gaming. (Behind Lilly and Emi)
      I don't know whether I cried, it was too long ago. I can confirm that I was heartbroken, at least. Even just hearing the music can manifest sorrow, and believe me, I listen to that song all the damn time. The music is stuck in my head as I type.

      No tears but extreme sadness instead
      Katawa Shoujo Lilly or Emi's good ending
      I didn't cry, but my thoughts were about nothing this game for a long time. When I completed a route, the next day was nothing but reminiscing. The rest of the week would be spent trying to get past it. Katawa Shoujo is free, by the way!

      That's all I can think of. Shane right when he says the saddest parts are the endings.
      Holy shit that took me half an hour to write.

      Last edited 07/03/14 2:06 am


    Thought the latest was a little mechanical, getting all of the pieces in place for the big finale.

    cc @dc

    Received Injustice last night :D
    Thanks man, played it most of the evening and are quite enjoying it

      PS3 or PS4?
      If PS3, hit me up for some multiplayer.
      PSN ID is same as my Kotaku handle.

        Xbox 360 sorry mang :\
        I was hammering the crap out of the campaign last night though... amazingly good storyline for a fighting game :P

          This is where you and I part ways with our opinions :P

            Lol, ah well, i like the evil twist they put on the DC Universe i guess... which is funny, because i've never really been that much of a DC fan... can't explain it, i'm just enjoying it, i guess that's what matters :P

      Awesome, man. Hope you continue to enjoy it! It's great in multi.

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