The Perfect Game For Anyone Who Hates Their Desk Job

The Perfect Game For Anyone Who Hates Their Desk Job

There's little to love about being stuck in a cubicle, forced to wear a tie and slave under the whims of someone whose job has "manager" somewhere in the title. Sometimes you need to vent. Maybe play a game where you destroy everything in the office.

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is not a corporate lifestyle simulator. You play the role of a man who is fighting for his life as his office tries to destroy him. Your co-workers are now zombies, and thus the enemy, the cubicles and meeting rooms are your battleground and your bosses are, well, the bosses.

It's $US5 on Steam. Any game that has HORRIBLE VOICE ACTING as part of its trailer sell is at least worth a look.


    I don't know about anyone else but if I had a desk job and walked past someone else's cubical and they were playing a game were they got to kill there fellow employees, i would feel uneasy... haha

      ... and if they go postal, they will blame video games.... AGAIN!

      Would be worse if you hear them whispering names and doing voices.

    Hahaha this looks pretty funy lol
    Btw only saw the gif and read the text.

    Terrible name.
    But looks like a fun game!
    Oh hey that rhymes.
    I guess I'm insane.

    The name seems like a ripoff of RE: Brains from L4D2.

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