Dark Souls II's Cat Is So Sad

Dark Souls II's Cat Is So Sad

Aw, Sweet Shalquoir. I'm sorry that you're so bummed. It must be lonely in Majula, with no funky-smelling heroes around to keep you company. It's just you, some sad people, and three mean pigs.

The latest from artist Stephen Maurice Graham takes a look at the inner life of Majula's favourite feline. Turns out, Sweet Shalquoir is a sad, sad cat.

Dark Souls II's Cat Is So Sad

You can find more of Stephen Maurice Graham's work here.


    Did Kirk seriously start the article with the last two frames of the comic?

    Geez, they're really hammering this three pigs thing (even though they aren't really the first joke, more the fifth or sixth). Every Dark Souls article since has made specific reference to it. Also, you're not actually "funky" smelling, Shalquoir thinks you have a very nice smell.

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