Infamous: Second Son Is Getting Some Cool New Features

Infamous: Second Son Is Getting Some Cool New Features

PlayStation 4 eye-popper Infamous: Second Son already gives players a bunch of in-game superpowers. Run up buildings, fly through the air, vanish in a puff of smoke… but what about the power to change the rotation of the earth??

That power and several others will be coming to the game (in a fashion) in an upcoming patch, as detailed today at the PlayStation blog by developer Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming. The patch will allow players who have finished the story the ability to manually tweak the game’s day/night cycle, letting them light up a neon night or cruise over rooftops at sunset. Given how gorgeous this game’s lighting and effects are, that will be a pretty fun way to show off your cool new console to friends when they come over.

The patch will also allow players to turn off the game’s HUD (which, hooray !), the better to take screenshots, and to cap the framerate at 30fps, a la Killzone: Shadow Fall. I like the unlocked framerate, but I know a lot of you don’t care for it, and options are always good.

Not bad for a post-launch patch! As for timing, Fleming says, “the earliest we could have the patch and new features ready is about two weeks from now, so stay tuned for another update.” Good stuff, guys. Now give us the ability to repopulate the map with a second batch of enhanced outposts and we’ll have a stew going.


  • manually tweak the game’s day/night cycle


  • Was disappointed that there wasn’t an option to turn off the HUD, so very glad it’s coming. Mini-maps are great for missions, but when you just want to free roam they’re so distracting, and you can’t really appreciate the graphics

  • Started Second Son a couple of days ago. It’s both “ho-hum, it’s the same as inFAMOUS”, and “holy crap this looks good”. Fun so far, at least.

    New update looks good.

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