While You Were Sleeping

Morning! The week has begun, and the video game news is in flow. This is While You Were Sleeping. This is what you might have missed!

A very quiet night last night it seems. You didn't miss much to be perfectly honest. So in case you didn't check it last night, have a look at what would happen if video game covers were more honest. Warning: spoilers for The Last Of Us.

And this is a collection of 101 weird, cheap, mostly ignored video games in the form of a torrent. If you have some time to kill you could do a lot worse.

What else do we have? Well this man is playing Tetris in real life with a bunch of real stuff. This is what happens when Breaking Bad meets Street Fighter.

And finally, you have to pay attention to the start of Adventure Time episodes.

In Short You Gotta Pay Attention To The Start Of Adventure Time Episodes The Pirate Bay Bundle Is A Collection Of 101 Strange, Ignored Video Games If Video Game Covers Were More Honest Man Plays Tetris In Real Life With A Bunch Of Real Stuff Breaking Bad Meets Street Fighter


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