Why Is Vanquish A Brilliant Game?

Briefly: Why is Vanquish a brilliant game? Glad you asked. Canabalt and Gravity Hook creator Adam Saltsman has your answer in the form of a lengthy exegesis on Shinji Mikami's polarising shooter, making a strong case for the merits of the game's intricately balanced design. Annnnnd now I'm feeling the urge to replay Vanquish


    Eh, Vanquish is a good game, but I wouldn't say it's a brilliant game. It had several problems that were annoying. One problem for health was no clear indication of death. There were times where my adrenaline bar was empty, but I would survive taking 4 missiles to the face, and times when my adrenaline bar was full, but I instantly died from a single burst fire from a single enemy.

      I can tell you that it's not possible to die from anything (barring special grab moves or qte moments) when your AR meter is full. You die 95% percent of the time while in crisis mode, which automatically kicks in when your health is low. Which itself is probably the most obnoxiously clear way indicate low health that I can even think of.

    I loved vanquish. What stopped me playing was the difficulty in seeing enemies far away. If it came out on PC I'd buy it instantly to play in 1920x1200.

    Yeah me too just for mouse kb. Couldn't hit crap at speed with stupid thumbsticks. Its crying out for pc controls

    Why is Vanquish a good game? Click here to find someone who explains why! Kotaku are the masters of being the unnecessary middle men.

      Where would you have come across the other person's opinion then?

      I only read this and one other gaming site and I hope that between them they cover everything. If they didn't link to cool shit, I'd find a site that did.

      Personally, I like kotaku's new direction of curating interesting stuff, even the non-gaming stuff as it all feeels relevant to me.

    What happened to proper articles. Im seeing a lot of this on kotaku lately - are these writers volunteers or getting paid? paid per click?

    @jellyarrow yeah I agree - it used to be that I would frequesnt this site every day - now I look once a week and just end up going straight to the sites they keep linking.

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